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posted by HaleyDewit
The late September sun warmed Elena’s face and she opened her eyes. She saw Damon sitting in what looked like a very uncomfortable chair.
Perhaps Damon felt Elena’s eyes on him because he opened his. When he saw Elena was awake he quickly sat up.
“How are Du feeling?” he asked hoarse. “Can’t believe I actually fell asleep”
“Can’t believe Du actually fell asleep in that chair” Elena sagte with raised eyebrows. “Why didn’t Du Mitmachen me? There’s plenty of room”
“I wasn’t supposed to fall asleep” Damon sagte obvious. Elena wanted to Kommentar on that when someone knocked...
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1.link (18x01, Bonnie forcing Damon to feed on himself)
2.link (18x02, Bonnie calling Elena)
3.link (18x03, Bonnie vervaining Damon’s eyes)
4.link (18x04, Bonnie breaking Damon’s arm)
5.link (18x05, Damon trying to escape)
6.link (18x06, Damon thinking about Elena and Stefan)
7.link (18x07, Bonnie talking to Damon, saying she wants Elena to say goodbye)
8.link (18x08, Bonnie explaining why she involved Stefan, Damon saying what he did to Jeremy)
9.link (18x09, Damon tries to escape again)
10.link (18x10, Bonnie setting Damon on fire)
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posted by HaleyDewit
Rachel and Gabe were having abendessen when someone knocked their door. They looked up at each other with a hopeful expression. Could it be? Gabe got up out his chair and walked down the hall to open the door. It was true. God had heard his prayers and answered them. He looked at the girl standing on his porch. “My dear God” he sobbed. “I knew you’d come back” He hugged her. “Can I come in?” Amber asked careful. Gabe let go of her and looked at her with a strange face. What kind of Frage was that? “Of course Du can, sweetie” he said. He pulled her into the house and as they...
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posted by HaleyDewit
Elena was lying on the bett her eyes wide open. Alaric had called her to get up, but she wanted to stay in bed. All day. Maybe listen to some sad songs.
“Elena, get your arsch out of bed, you’ve got mail” Alaric shouted outside her room.
“It’s Sunday, I deserve one Tag of feeling miserable” Elena muttered. The latch went down and Alaric entered the room. He walked to the bett and sank down.
“I know you’re hurt” he started. “But Du can’t let him have this kind of power over you. Du can’t stop living, because he’s a jerk”
Elena wiped her eyes and sobbed. “You’re...
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posted by HaleyDewit
The moment he closed the door, Damon’s phone rang.
“Caroline?” he sagte when answering.
“Damon, can I speak to Elena?” Caroline asked. “She won’t answer my calls”
“She’s a little distracted” Damon said. “Maybe I can help” he offered.
“You could, but I don’t think Du will” Caroline sighed.
“Try me” Damon sagte a little tired.
“Would Du come to the station and call Bonnie so we can find out where she is? I tried, but she won’t answer my phone calls. Maybe she will answer you” Caroline sagte not very hopeful.
“I won’t have to see her, right? Just call...
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posted by HaleyDewit
Night came in and stars enlightened the scene Damon and Elena were in. Damon fed Elena his last fry. Elena bit of half of it, took the rest and fed it Damon. Then they both lay down on the ground.
“I think I could stay here forever” Elena sighed.
“I hear you” Damon agreed.
“You know this place, don’t you? Du knew exactly where to go” Elena said.
“I had a job here” Damon said.
Elena’s eyes bulged. “You used to work?” she exclaimed.
“Well, actually Stefan had the job” Damon clarified. “I was there just to annoy Stefan”
“Damon?” Elena asked.
“Mm?” Damon said....
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Damon looked around in the building, when he saw a silhouette. He rushed towards it and grabbed Veronica Von her throat and lifted her from the ground. He threw her inside the fourth room where the feuer had started and locked the door. He heard her scream, but ignored it.
Damon turned around and Elena ran towards him. She threw her arms around his neck and kissed him passionately.
“We have to get out of here” she sagte when she let go. Damon threw her in his arms and rushed outside.
“Elena, Du have to go back to the hospital” Damon insisted. Elena wanted to protest . She...
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posted by HaleyDewit
Tyler was lying on Veronica’s bed, while Veronica was getting dressed.
“You could be wrong, Du know” Tyler said.
“I don’t think so” Veronica replied.
“Do Du honestly believe every single Supernatural is dangerous?” Tyler asked disbelieving.
“Yeah, I do” Veronica nodded. “Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think they can help it. It’s just in their nature. But that doesn’t mean we should let them get away with it”
“What about witches?” Tyler tried. “They keep nature in balance oder something like that”
Veronica turned around. “Yeah, witches are great, as long...
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posted by HaleyDewit
“Why exactly are we doing this?” Stefan asked Rebekah. They were standing in front of the Boarding House.
“Because I’m going to be part of your life now and I want to know everyone that’s important to you. Your brother is important to you, isn’t he?”
Stefan sighed. “Yes, he’s very important”
“Well, then get inside” Rebekah sagte and she opened the door, entering the house. “Hello?” An instant later a strong hand grabbed her throat and forced her against a wall.
“Who are you?” Damon asked threatening.
“Well, I guess Du must be Damon” Rebekah sagte soft.
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posted by HaleyDewit
Please know that this comes from someone who had the utmost respect for Julie Plec, who believed in her, and who defended her for six years.

I've had a really crappy week, last week
From beginning to the end I've had to fight the tears
This one goes out to you, Julie
Congratulations are in order, Du pissed of an army

And I know you're pulling the strings
And we can't do anything
But watch Du have your way with a wrecking ball
I hope the money in your pocket is worth it all

Everything was flawless
Now everything's a mess
It used to be so beautiful
Now we gotta settle for Sekunde best
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The door opened and Derek appeared. He gasped at the blood and the insides lying on the floor.
“What happened?” he asked difficult.
“Exactly what happens when Du double kreuz me” Veronica shrugged. She walked past him to Jeremy’s cell. “Where’s Damon Salvatore?”
“They brought him to a private room, like Du asked” Derek answered agitated. “Veronica, Du need to call this off. What you’re doing is wrong”
Veronica turned to him. “You’d be very wise to shut up now” she said. She walked through a door at the end of the room, entering another one.
Damon was chained...
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Damon rushed inside the hospital, carrying an unconscious Elena. He ran to the reception and asked for doctor Fell.
The woman behind the schreibtisch waved at something behind Damon. Meredith walked quickly to them while she signaled at a nurse.
“She collapsed” Damon explained breathless. The nurse rode a stretcher to them and Damon lay Elena down on it. The nurse pushed the stretcher vorwärts-, nach vorn and Damon and Meredith followed.
“What happened exactly?” Meredith asked.
“I’m not sure” Damon started slowly. “She was feeling sick and she lied down on the couch and Katherine was going to take...
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posted by yasmeen40
Okay ...... This episode should've came with an EMOTIONAL ROLLERCOASTER ALERT !! watch at your own risk .
And I mean everything , I obviously Liebe kluas - Rebekkah Klaus -Stefan scenes .
Oh remember that ring that EVERYONE loves to take off Jeremy's hands ?! soo season 2 ( no offense Klaus ) .
the hunter scenes at the end were just plain GROSS , And what does that shane guy has to do with the hunter being in mystic falls ?
could it be that he's one of the five too ??

I KINDA HATE BONNIE AT THE MOMENT , And I'm sure all DE family know why , I'm confused here like WTF is wrong with Elena .. It's...
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posted by HaleyDewit
Caroline was waiting in the doorway while Bonnie put on her shoes. They were going out for a walk in the garden.
“How’s life in here?” Caroline asked casual.
“ ‘s Okay, I guess” Bonnie said. “Little boring though”
Caroline scoffed. “I wish I could say the same” she mumbled.
“What do Du mean?” Bonnie asked concerned.
Caroline shook her head. “Come on, let’s go”
Five Minuten later they were walking through the garden. Caroline whistled. “This place really is beautiful”
“Caroline” Bonnie sagte a little harsh. “I know Du didn’t just come over. There’s something...
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posted by HaleyDewit
Katherine ran to Fell’s church and climbed down. Rebekah had grabbed the phone out her hands and told her how stupid she was.
“They’re using Du to find that witch, Du idiot!” she had snapped.
Katherine hurried to the tomb and opened it. “Get out” she sagte to the weak Bonnie, who was lying close to the door. Katherine grabbed her hand and Bonnie shrieked. It was the hand with the hurt finger. “Come on, get out. I need to Bewegen you” Katherine sagte agitated. She dragged her out of the tomb, ignoring her cries.
But as soon as Bonnie was out of the tomb Katherine felt two hands on her shoulders that pushed her forward. She fell and turned around to see Caroline helping Bonnie stand up. “What the hell are Du doing?” she asked. Caroline looked up. “I can ask Du the same question” she fired back. She bit her wrist and forced Bonnie to feed, so her wounds would heal. “Come on, I’ll bring Du home”
“Where is that?” Bonnie asked depressed.
posted by HaleyDewit
Tyler entered the Grill and headed to the bar. Ronnie gave him a bottle of beer. “On me”
“Thanks” Tyler said, a little surprised. “You want something from me?”
“Why, because I give Du free booze?” Ronnie asked with a smirk.
“Well, yeah” Tyler said.
“Hmm” Ronnie smiled. “Maybe I’m trying to make Du my best customer?”
“Keep it up this way and Du might succeed” Tyler said. “Cheers” he sagte before drinking.
Without any warning Ronnie grabbed his halsband, kragen and pressed her lips against his. Tyler pushed her away and she smacked against the cabinet with bottles and...
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Elena was sitting at the living table, Schreiben a letter. Damon was trying to reach Caroline, to get Mehr information about the herbs she’d been providing for Elena. Elena was so focused on her letter that she didn’t hear Damon come in.
“I can’t reach her” he sagte apologizing. “I’ll try again in a few minutes”
“You don’t have to worry her” Elena sagte soft as she folded the letter. She stood up with the intention to put the letter in her purse.
“What’s that?” Damon nodded suspiciously at the letter.
“Just some scrabbles” Elena lied and Damon jerked the letter out...
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posted by HaleyDewit
Rachel looked around her at the police station when someone called her.
“Can I help you, ma’am?”
Rachel looked up and saw Sherrif Forbes standing a few yards away from her. “Eh, yeah, I want to Berichten a disappearance”
“Maybe we should talk about this in my office?” Liz offered and she guided Rachel to her office. “Have a seat” she sagte when she placed herself behind the bureau. Rachel sat down.
“Someone went missing?” Liz asked, staring sharply at Rachel.
Rachel, feeling uneasy, moved on her seat. “My husband, Gabe. He hasn’t been Home in a few days. We had a fight...
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posted by HaleyDewit
Bonnie was sitting on Caroline’s bed, looking at pictures of her, Caroline and Elena. “Those were good times” she sighed. She looked up. “You think I can ever get it back again?” she asked. Caroline was sitting at her desk. “I really don’t know, Bonnie. Maybe in time” she sagte not very convincing.
“I can try to say I’m sorry” Bonnie tried. “I can go to Elena and apologize” Caroline shook her head. “Not a good idea. Elena is not in the mood to see you”
“Oh, well, then maybe I can try Damon?” Bonnie said. “If he’s the reason Du guys found me, there must be...
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posted by HaleyDewit
She slammed the door open and went straight to the kitchen. Rachel looked up both shocked and excited. She wanted to walk to her, but Kelsey raised her hand. “Don’t come any closer” she said. “I just spent the most horrible and painful night of my life and I want to know why”
“Honey, I only know the big lines. I can’t tell Du much” Rachel said. “Your father is coming Home soon and he’ll be furious if he knows you’re here”
“Dad doesn’t have any right to be furious” Kelsey snapped. “He lied to me. He’s been keeping secrets from me”
“I know and I can’t make...
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