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Elena’s POV
“Why don’t Du sit down and we can talk.” I was pressed tightly up against the counter. “No need to be scared.” Katherine was smiling as she took steps towards me. “Katherine this is between Damon, Stefan and Du not me.” Katherine tilted her head and shook it telling me no. “Honey this is about you.”

    Damon’s POV    
“How the hell could Du do that? Damon I asked Du to do this for Elena.” Stefan was furious. I just rolled my eyes. “Your just upset because she may also have feelings for me to, just like Katherine.”
Stefan sat there shaking his head. “Don’t Du get it Damon, Katherine never had and feelings for either of us, she was just using us. Elena does have feelings and Du can’t toy with them.”
That wasn’t the right thing to say. I ran at Stefan with unhuman speed and threw his body up against the wall. “Don’t ever say that, I would never in my life toy with Elena’s feelings she’s the one human I care about, she’s the only thing I care about.”
Stefan closed his eyes and sighed. I let him drop to the ground. “What?” I sagte pissed off. “Isobel was right, Du are in Liebe with her.” I couldn’t stand it I turned away and walked out of the room.
I walked down stairs and grabbed a drink.
Of course I was in Liebe with Elena she’s just as beautiful as Katherine, maybe more. Who was I kidding Elena was probably thinking about this wondering how she could have done this to Stefan.

Stefan’s POV
This wasn’t suppose to happen, Elena wasn’t supposed to be caught in the middle of us. Unlike Katherine, Elena was a good person.
I started picking up the few things I threw across the room.
The worst thing about it was, Damon wasn’t doing it to get revenge to hurt me but because he really was in Liebe with Elena. Maybe I should go over and talk to her.
I grabbed my jacke off the bett and ran out the door.

Katherine’s POV
“Katherine please.” Elena begged like any human would for there lives. “Do Du realize that I have killed so many humans, that begging doesn’t work on me and what…” I didn’t get to finish my sentence because something fell down the stairs, no someone.
“Elena?” The thing whined. Elena closed her eyes and pressed her lips together. “A little brother?” I whispered with a smile. “Jeremy run.” Elena shouted. It wasn’t going to do any good he was a stupid pathetic human what could he possibly be able to do?
I stepped away from Elena and headed towards this Jeremy. As I got closer something seemed off his herz wasn’t beating. I bent down towards him. “Are Du a vampire?” I slowly opened his eyes “Not yet.” I smiled and looked up. “Well if I were Du I’d hurry up and take some human blood before Du died, your getting weak.” I looked back down a Jeremy as I spoke.
I heard foot steps coming up the front porch stairs. I grabbed Jeremy’s hemd, shirt and dragged him to the kitchen, I clenched Elena Von the throat. “Listen to me if Du oder him make any sound I will kill Du and help him turn. Is that clear?” Elena shook her head.
As I walked away I could feel Elena staring down and Jeremy. She had know idea what he was doing this was going to fun.
I opened the door to find Stefan about to knock. He was looking at me confused “I saw Du walk up to the house.” He shook his head. “Elena we need to talk.” I sighed playing the role. “Ya I know. Lets sit out here.” This was fun I thought that it was fun when I first moved here but this was an adrenalin rush.
“Did Du KISS Damon?” what to say? “Yes, Stefan look you’re a great guy and I do Liebe Du a lot but Damon I just can’t put my finger on it. Ya sure he’s manipulative and doesn’t really care who lives oder dies but he’s trying.” Stefan was staring at the ground.
I like Stefan but he just didn’t like me enough back when I wanted him unlike Damon I had to compel him. Now its my turn. “You know when Damon and I put Du in the seller because Du were going blood crazy?” he shook his head still looking at the ground. “Damon and I we talked and things just led to another and I kissed him.” I was so energetic I could feel it rattling in my bones.
“Look Elena.” Stefan sagte finally looking up. “If Du don’t want me I’m not going to tell Du to be with me. If Du want Damon fine.” He started for the deck stairs. “Stefan it’s not that I don’t want Du it’s that I want Damon too. Stefan I just need to find who I love, who I really want to be with.” I sagte giving his a simple KISS on the lips. He shook his head in approval and was gone.
“That was fun.” I sagte smirking.
“Elena?” Damon sagte grabbing my arm. Why now I wanted to get back to the real Elena. “Damon, I can’t talk right know.” he jumped to the front door. “Look I told Stefan about it everything.” “Ya I know he was just here. I’m going to tell Du what I told him Damon. I Liebe Du I want Du but we need to take things slowly.” Damon eased away from the door and smiled.
“Elena, I haven’t sagte this to any one in a long time but I Liebe you.” He kissed me softly and gently like a human. This was Unglaublich that fragile little human had changed my Damon. I kissed him back. I had to pull away even though Damon was my favorite.
“Damon I would Liebe to do this all night but…” “Then we should.” “But, I have to get back in the house Jeremy is sick and I want to go to the hospital to see if, umm… Caroline is okay.” He shook his head and gave me one Mehr small kiss.
I watched him leave before I entered the house. Elena was curled up Weiter to Jeremy. Whispering to him that everything will be fine. “Okay Jeremy why don’t Du tell Elena what you’re up to.” He look from me to his sister.
“First tell me why the hell there are two of you.” I rolled my eyes. “I’m Katherine.” I sagte pointing to me. “And that’s Elena.” I sagte pointing to her.
Elena was still looking at Jeremy. “Jeremy what’s wrong, what’s she talking about?” Jeremy turned away from her. “I’m turning. I just need human blood and it will be complete.” I could see tears starting to well up in her eyes. “Your already died?” he shook his head.
“Great know that we have that all taken care of Elena wouldn’t Du Liebe to be one of us then we can both have Stefan and Damon we can switch off every day.” she stood up body stiff about to explode. “They may not be all human but Du can not treat them like dirt, when they find out…” “Stefan wont do anything he hates hurting flies how could he hurt me?” she took a deep breath. “He’s changed since Du last saw him.” I laughed at that. “Honey I’ve been watching those two boys forever, I’ve been watching Du since I came to Mystic Falls with Stefan.”
“Look I have to go get Jeremy some fresh human blood and Du can go and explain to Damon and Stefan that everything Du sagte wasn’t really Du blah blah blah. Have fun and I’ll see Du later.” And I ran out the front door.

Elena’s POV
I have figure out how I’m going to convince them. Well my herz is still beating and her’s isn’t maybe that’s how. But right know I have to get Jeremy to Stefan and Damon.
“Jeremy com on were going to see Stefan and Damon, Von the way which one did Du get blood from?” “I got it from Anna, I wasn’t going to use it and when Uncle John killed her I just wanted to shut off the pain. I’m sorry Elena.” I was practically carrying Jeremy to the car. “It was your decision not mine.”
I do wish though that he would have come to me oder one of the Salvatore brothers. “But now Du have to realize that Du have to watch yourself.” He just shook his head.
“What are we going to do with Uncle John?” Jeremy asked. “Jeremy for as much as I wish I didn’t want to say this but Aunt Jenna needs to find him and we can’t be any where near that house. Why? I figured Du wouldn’t care anything about him.” He was starting to fall asleep as we walked to the car. “I don’t.”
I finally got Jeremy in the car and started it. I backed out of the drive way and drove to the Salvatore’s house. I wasn’t looking vorwärts-, nach vorn to coming Home seeing Aunt Jenna and the cops. Meeting these two boys has turned my life upside down.
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