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Die Fanauswahl: Of Course!!! They look Perfect for Eachother!!!
Die Fanauswahl: Damien Lewis
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drewjoana sagte …
She's amazing. Utterly committed to the Zeigen and to her role and I have to say I enjoy every Minute on camera with her, I do. It's great. gepostet Vor mehr als einem Jahr
drewjoana Kommentiert…
Damian about Claire Danes. Vor mehr als einem Jahr
drewjoana sagte …
He’s really smart. He’s really funny. He’s really warm. He literally would tap dance before a take. He can do that. I feel like I had a little practice run doing the Zeigen without Damian because I spent so much of the season away from him. And I missed him so much. I would say Mehr than I was expecting to even. gepostet Vor mehr als einem Jahr
drewjoana Kommentiert…
I don’t know.. I didn’t even really think. I was like oh where’s Damian. And finally I was like “where the hell is, Damian?” I know how sad I’m gonna be without him. Vor mehr als einem Jahr
drewjoana Kommentiert…
Claire about Damian and how much she will miss him on Homeland. Vor mehr als einem Jahr
PagetHotchner sagte …
Damian Lewis as Eric O'Grady and Claire Danes as Ms. Marvel= MARVEL AND HOMELAND FANDOMS COLLIDEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE gepostet Vor mehr als einem Jahr