▸Name: Jung Daehyun ( 정대현 )
▸Mato Name: Kekemato
▸Blood Type: A
▸Birthdate: 1993.06.28 (Zodiac Sign: Cancer)
▸19(Real age), 20(Earth Age), 2560(Mato Age)
▸Hometown: Busan
▸Weight/Height: 177cm/63kg
▸Position: Main Vocalist
▸Family: Father, Mother & Older Brother
▸Bunny Color: White
▸Education: Kindergarten, Seokwang Elementary School, Sajik Elementary School & Middle School, Busan Computer and Science High School
▸Hobbies: Watching TV
▸Personality: Shy, Tough
▸Ideal Woman: Shin Saimdang
▸Role Model: Shin Youngjae
▸Frequent Habit: Licking Lips
▸Usual Fashion Style: Modest Attire
▸Favorite Food: Cheesecake
▸Favorite Type of Music: R&B, Ballad
▸Favorite Color: Fluorscente Colors/black and white
▸Favorite Movie: SF, Fantasy
▸Favorite Number: None
▸Motto: If Du will (be), I will(be).

Fun Facts:
✏ He was trained and spent most of his pre-debut days in Nataraja Academy
✏ His nickname is “Busan Wonbin” and used to be called “Monkey”
✏ People used to call him Ppungppungie
✏ His Favorit saying is “No Comment”
✏ He sagte that he does not really have a Busan’s accent.
✏ He’s trying a lot to fix his accent. At first it was hard, in the end he’s getting used to Seoul dialect.
✏ He auditioned last summer and was the last member to Mitmachen B.A.P
✏ He is really quiet and doesn’t talk much.
✏ His ideal type is woman who has sweet Bilder and his ideal woman is Shim Saimdang.
✏ His Favorit color is fluorescent colors.
✏ His Favorit Essen is cheesecake.
✏ His frequent habit is licking his lips.
✏ He wears a mask because his bunny was wearing a mask too.
✏ He likes hip hop style and straße fashion.
✏ 4Men’s Shin Yongjae is his role model.
✏ He always have his scarf and always wear it no matter it is cold oder warm weather in order to take good care of his throat.
✏ When B.A.P have succeeds, the first thing he wants to do is give his parents an amazing vacation.
✏ As claimed Von Youngjae, Daehyun is the closest with him.
✏ He is the earliest to wake up and help to wake up other members.
✏ He uses three blankets so he is comfortable during his sleep.