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Opinion by Ieva0311 posted Vor mehr als einem Jahr
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[i]"There’s really no other thoughts than to do my best. I try to do my best during every moment."

Babys are like fried tofu , because they go well with bap (rice).

I don’t believe perfection exists in this world, but there are infinite amount of chances to being close to it.

We need to do something difficult in order to Zeigen the real us.

We are still here, because we experienced both good and bad as 6.

“Everything was a new experience.
Not too long Vor I was just a kid
who liked to sing but now I’m a
singer at a Musik video recording
site. It’s like a dream.”

"The hip is important to a person right? It becomes the center for your oben, nach oben and bottom, and they’re so important that Du can’t do anything if they’re hurt. They’re like a ‘hip’ to me.” (About B.A.P members)

I want to become an artist they can't forget about for a long, long time.

Review by Izzah1511 posted Vor mehr als einem Jahr
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Eodum sogeseo deullineun jeolgyu
Gongpoe jillin sesangeul

Dwijibeobeorilgeoya da
Michyeobeorin sesang
Bakkwonoheulgeoya nan
Dongwa hyeopbage nun gamneun jadeul get out
Nyuseureul bwado jeonbu gonggongui jeogigo
Ssaikopaeseudeuri michyeo nalttwineun panigo
Igeon beomjoewaui jeonjaeng
Ttokgachi gapa julge
Ieneun i nuneneun nun i mareul gieokhae
Yongseoran eobseo urin jeoldae

I gotta feeling
Chameul suga eobseo give it up

I gotta feeling
Niga nuneul gamneun nal

Neoneun wiheomhae
Jalmot geondeuryeosseo get away

Becuz I’m cuz I’m dangerous

I’m a Badman
Eodum soge neoreul gadwojulge
Ah! Ah! Ah! Ah!

List by mitsuki963 posted Vor mehr als einem Jahr
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•He speaks with a very heavy Busan dialect
•In “Ta-Dah! It‘s B.A.P“ he is a spy/observer of the squad placed on earth and is often seen just watching them. He landed in Busan which is why he specks in that dialect. He does not like any of the members but is fascinated Von JongUp’s dancing.
•His ideal girl is someone like Shin Saimdang
•Admires Shin Yongjae of 4MEN
•He is closest with Bang, but he and YoungJae are very close since their trainee days.
•When he first joined TS he went up to Secret and asked “Can Du sign this for me?”
•His Favorit movie is “A Moment To Remember”.
•If he could be another member he would be HimChan. ”He’s cool, good looking and beliebt around women. I would like to react to the popularity among women.
•If B.A.P were a family he’d be the oldest son.
•His right hand is very weak so the members call him left handed. But when he uses chopsticks oder sign’s something it’s always with his right hand.
Opinion by Ieva0311 posted Vor mehr als einem Jahr
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[i]▸Name: Jung Daehyun ( 정대현 )
▸Mato Name: Kekemato
▸Blood Type: A
▸Birthdate: 1993.06.28 (Zodiac Sign: Cancer)
▸19(Real age), 20(Earth Age), 2560(Mato Age)
▸Hometown: Busan
▸Weight/Height: 177cm/63kg
▸Position: Main Vocalist
▸Family: Father, Mother & Older Brother
▸Bunny Color: White
▸Education: Kindergarten, Seokwang Elementary School, Sajik Elementary School & Middle School, Busan Computer and Science High School
▸Hobbies: Watching TV
▸Personality: Shy, Tough
▸Ideal Woman: Shin Saimdang
▸Role Model: Shin Youngjae
▸Frequent Habit: Licking Lips
▸Usual Fashion Style: Modest Attire
▸Favorite Food: Cheesecake
▸Favorite Type of Music: R&B, Ballad
▸Favorite Color: Fluorscente Colors/black and white
▸Favorite Movie: SF, Fantasy
▸Favorite Number: None
▸Motto: If Du will (be), I will(be).

Fun Facts: