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Some Years Later
It has been a while since I had been back in Miami. A lot of things have changed. I have grown up, toured overseas a couple times, and I have made a life for me. I have Friends that I have known since I joined the army and they were coming to live in Miami too. Although, some of them were getting married and I was still my single self which I did not like very much.
The first thing Mark and I were going to was treat ourselves to was some good food. We did not even want to go set our bags down at his fiancee's house. We wanted to eat something good!
"Where is wife," I asked as...
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A Strange Way to Fall in Liebe Chapter Eleven
All I can do is stand there and watch as they take her away in an ambulance.
"Come on, son," some cop sagte as he approached me, "I will take Du to the orphanage."
"No, I want to go to the hospital," I stated; "I have to be there when Lola wakes up!"
"I am sorry but I have strict orders to take Du directly to the orphanage," he said.
"It is alright," Horatio sagte as he came to my side, "I am heading to the hospital and I can watch after him."
"Thank you," I said, "I just cannot imagine how terrified Lola will be when she wakes up! oder if she wakes up."...
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Horatio wanted to talk to Lola and I at the same time.
"What' up," I asked curiously.
"We want to catch the rest of the men who were on that bus," he stated.
"You wants to use us as bait," Lola sagte is disbelief.
"Of course Du Lola. Du know where they are at and what they have been up to," Horatio said, "Besides, Du are getting time off from juvenile detention. And Kyle, if Du help out; I am all most certain I can get some time taken' off of your sentence."
"But why me, sir," I asked confused.
"Because Lola will go out of her way to make sure those men get caught and get a lot Mehr time,"...
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