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This CSI - Miami foto contains plumpsklo, abort, jakes, outhouse, privy, erdschrank, nebengebäude, geheimrat, and erde schrank. There might also be fensterplatz, wohnzimmer, vorraum, salon, vorzimmer, laubdecke, and mulch.

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Have Du been wondering what it’s really like to be a part of the Miami strand CSI team? Now Du can get behind-the-scenes stories from the hit spin-off of the wildly beliebt series “CSI: Crime Scene Investigation.”

The incredible set visit for 2, hosted Von Brendan Fehr (aka Dan Cooper) will give Du a great behind-the-scenes look and an opportunity to explore the location where “CSI: Miami” stars transform themselves into your Favorit crime-fighting forensic scientists and talk to Brendan about his role in this ground-breaking series. This is a rare chance for Du and a guest to...
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