Yeah, I know all the uber-fans are saying "Well, why didn't Du see it sooner?" and all the antis are saying "The world DOESN'T need Twilight!"But I ask that Du listen to what I have to say, anyway.

As strange as it seems, the world actually needs Twilight. It does some good things for us. I am mostly an anti, so it took all my prainpower to come up with these reasons, but here they are, and the Mehr I think on it, the Mehr I realize they're true.


10. It teaches us new words.
I know alot of Du are rolling your eyes. Yes, I know what has been sagte about the "Thesaurus Rape" problem, but Twilight actually did teach me some new words and phrases. I had a dictionary Weiter to me most of the time, looking up words. It even helped me with my vocabulary test.

9. We need something to complain about.
Yeah, it's a lame reason, but it's a reason. Sometimes, when I'm in a really cranky mood, I need to complain about something. I can't complain about my Friends oder family to their faces, so I complain about Bücher and movies. It's not the best use of my time, but it usually makes me feel better afterwards.

8. It's something to read.
Du would not believe how many times Twilight has saved my wits on long, boring, train rides, waiting rooms, and other boring places. I never read my copy of Twilight any other time, but it does keep me occupied when I need it.

7. It gives the Fans something to obsess about.
People tend to work better when they're happy. Most people are happy when squealing over their obsession. People obsess over Twilight, and therefor Twilight makes them happy. It doesn't matter if it's a good book oder not. It puts some people in a good mood, and since good moods are usually contagious, it puts others in a good mood, too.

6. It gets us hyped about folklore.
I will be seriously amazed if no one else on this spot started looking up vampire myths and stories after Lesen the book. It got me into the vamp-story scene - myths, Anne Rice, Buffy, etc. I would have passed Von alot of this stuff if I hadn't read Twilight first. I would have missed out on alot of sturff, especially Anne Rice.

5. It proves miracles happen.
Did Du know that Stephenie Meyer's book was originally part of the slush pile? The only reason it got published was because a young assistant agent pulled it from the slush pile, read it, liked it, and recommended it. That's a miracle if I've ever heard of one. It's success stories like this that can keep budding writers hopeful, even after they've recieved twenty rejection letters.

4. It keeps stores in business.
There's a Shop downtown from where I live that sells movie merchandise. A few years ago, it almost had to go out of business. Then Twilight merch came out and, presto, business! All the teenagers in town flocked there overnight to get the latest Twihard t-shirt. I like that store for what else it has, and as much as I hate to admit it, I owe something to Twilight. It kept that store from having to close.

3. It's the comfort Essen of books.
Everyone needs to escape reality occasionally. It's a little hard for me, being an anti, but if I close my eyes and really focus on putting my inner critic in the corner, I can enjoy Twilight. In a way, it's just like every other alternate-universe Fantasy book. Bella lives in a magical world where every boy wants her. Most of us like that idea. Okay, so maybe not all of us want a vampire and a werewolf pining for our love, but who hasn't dreamed of their crush liking them back?

2. Stephenie Meyer has some smarts about her.
Here's where all the other antis will laugh, but this time, I mean it, listen to me. She did something amazing. She figured out a way to make half the teen girls in the world worship her. That takes some brains. As stupid as Du may think the book is, Du have to admit, that's an amazing feat. Twilight is a documentation of the power Bücher can have over us mere mortals.

1. It teaches us what real Liebe is.
I was on the other Tag browsing the forums. I came across the following post:

"Twilight showed me wat real Liebe iz. i read it nd relized that my bf was abusing me and i shouldnt have to put up with that. Bella deserves better so why shouldnt i? my bruises are already goin away mostly."

I sat, staring at my computer screen for a good long while, Lesen that Kommentar over a few times. That's good. Any time a book gets a girl out of a dangerous situation like that, it means there is some good to sagte book. The Schreiben may be terrible, Bella may be a Sue, but Twilight may have saved a girl's life. How many other lives has it saved?