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Critical Analysis of Twilight Frage


I was wondering ,I've made a new spot and I'd like Du to Mitmachen it,and it's sort of related to the C.A.T spot,Its called the Critical analysis of Edward Cullen It's about 1 and a half week's old here's the link:

 nessienjake posted Vor mehr als einem Jahr
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Critical Analysis of Twilight Antwort

renrae said:
First of all: Please, do NOT Werben your own spot. It's spammy and annoying unless it's *really* relevant. A better place to put this would be the Forums. We like to keep things organized around here.

Sekunde of all: I won't join.

Third of all: Can Du maybe come up with a different spot name? It may be marked as a duplicate because of the name, which is grounds for removal. I've never made a spot, so that may not be possible, but, still. It does seem to be imitating. And we don't want a whole bunch of Critical Analysis spots, that would be stooping to the level of the Twifans. Because tons of spots on the same subject are spammy and annoying.
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posted Vor mehr als einem Jahr 
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