That night, Spencer had his most saddest nightmare yet. He was at the BAU. In his ghostly form nevertheless! "Why am I ghostly at the BAU?" he asked himself. He soon found himself at the round tabelle with a teary-eyed JJ. "JJ, what's the matter?" he asked his voice filled with a high level of concern. "How do I tell you?" JJ asked tearfully.

"JJ, Du can tell me ANYTHING." Spencer tried to reassure. "I can't." JJ cried. "Yes Du can." Spencer calmed. JJ cried silently as she gathered up her words. "They want me back at the Pentagon." she blurted out as she completely broke down. "What? They can't take Du away from us again!" Spencer replied holding back his own tears. He took a deep breath.

"For how long?" the doc asked. "I don't have a choice this time. I have to resign from the BAU for good!" JJ answered as Mehr tears streamed down her cheeks. "What? NO!" Spencer tearfully protested. "I have to." JJ replied wiping her tears away. Spencer let a stray tear fall. "What's the saddest part?" he asked. "I'll never be able to see Du guys again." JJ answered. She ran up to Spencer and cried as she embraced him. He did the same as the two best Friends cried their eyes out.

"NO!!!" The "real" Spencer screamed out as he awoke from his nightmare. He soon bowed his head in anger as he realized it was another nightmare. The doc then knew this "diary entry" couldn't wait until the Weiter afternoon, so he got his PC out and wrote as much as he could. He put the PC up about an Stunde later. The only thing that broke the silence in the room were the gentle snores coming from Derek. Spencer turned the light off and went back to sleep. This time, he dreaded going back to sleep.

The Weiter morning, Spencer and Derek were awakened Von the new Eli Young Band song "Drunk Last Night" as the alarm went off. *That's exactly how I'm feeling right now.* Spencer thought as his brain trailed back to the nightmare he had about JJ. He turned his gaze towards Derek, who was rubbing his groggy eyes. "How did Du sleep?" Spencer asked. "I wish we had the chance to sleep in today." Derek answered as if he didn't get enough rest the Zurück night. "Aren't Du going to the doctor for your allergies today?" Spencer asked. "I am." Derek answered as he sniffled a yawn. Derek had to reschedule his doctor's appointment because the case had him and the team too busy.

After the boys got ready, Hotch came Von the room to pick them up. "You guys ready?" he asked. "Yeah." Spencer and Derek answered at the same time. Hotch noticed something was up with Spencer. "Is everything OK?" he asked. "Everything's fine." Spencer lied with a fake smile on his face. "Okay then." Hotch replied getting a weird feeling. Hotch's gaze fell on Derek as Spencer left the room.

"Is Reid alright?" Hotch asked. "I think he just needs some Weltraum right now." Derek answered. Derek also noticed something about Spencer. "What's going on?" Spencer asked getting suspicious. "Nothin' Pretty Boy." Derek answered. Spencer didn't want to talk about this Kürzlich nightmare. Well, he only wanted to talk about it with his sleep therapist and his sleep therapist ONLY.

"You do know I'm goin' to the doctor today, right?" Derek mentioned. "Of course." Hotch replied. Spencer over-heard the conversation, but he didn't feel like saying anything. "Keep in mind I may have to wait alittle bit." Derek stated. "If that's the case, Du may wanna take that Chris Young Artikel with you." Hotch advised in a very friendly way. Derek smiled. Spencer got the rest of his things and the trio headed out.