The Weiter day, Spencer couldn't stop thinking about the feuer Bender nightmare. In addition, he and Derek were pretty fatigued from their late-night conversation. "I just can't stop thinking about that feuer Bender." Spencer said. Derek smiled alittle. "I know that movie was just fiction, but-" "The special effects were off the chain!" Derek cut off Spencer charming in. "Crap, I forgot those were special effects!" Spencer blurted out. Derek laughed.

Hotch came in the room. "What do Du two have on the unsub?" he asked. "We think he may be in his early 50's." Derek answered. "We also think he has something called a non-verbal language disorder. It's a rare disorder where Du think of certain things differently." Spencer replied. "What do Du have on him Hotch?" Derek asked. "Nothing yet." Hotch answered. Hotch was about to walk out when Spencer stopped him.

"The disorder can go away with the right types of treatments." he stated. "What types of treatments genius?" Derek asked. "Therapy is one of the treatments." Spencer answered. "Thanks, Reid." Hotch thanked. Spencer nodded and Hotch walked out. Derek suddenly looked at Spencer as if he just theorized something. "Maybe Du could go on a medication for your nightmares." he stated.

"Derek, what the hell made Du think that?" Spencer asked outraged. "I'm just tryin' to help a brother out." Derek answered. Spencer had a sorry look in his eyes. "I'm sorry Derek. I'm just trying to solve this on my own." he explained. Derek put a hand on his shoulder. "Like I sagte last night-you don't have to go through it alone." he replied generously. "I know Du and JJ are just trying to help, but..." Spencer stopped short not knowing what else to say.

"Sometimes, Du need help kid." Derek said. Spencer nodded in agreement. Spencer's nightmares came back about a Monat after the case in Chattanooga. He didn't really know why they did. He wanted to ask his sleep therapist if it was normal to relapse on nightmares, but he felt too afraid. He knew he had to ask though. And if he asked the therapist about the relapse, would he also take Derek's advice?