Hotch looked over the Fußball stuff Rossi handed him. "This is pretty cool." he sagte to himself. He liked the idea of how he could get his new Fußball team together. And Mehr importantly, spend time with Jack. Seaver went over and sat Von him. "I thought your were Lesen Harry Potter." Hotch joked. "I had to stop for alittle bit." Seaver replied.

She noticed Hotch looking at his Fußball stuff. "What are Du looking at?" she asked. "Just some stuff for Jack's Fußball team." Hotch answered. "I heard they asked Du to be their coach." Seaver stated. "They have." Hotch replied. "Congrats!" Seaver beamed as she smiled. "Thank Du Ashley, but I don't know if I should do it. I want to, but..." Hotch stopped short not knowing what else to say.

"You're just worried about the cases." Seaver figured. "How did Du know?" Hotch asked clueless. "Don't worry. If Du have a case, they'll get the assistant coach to take over." Seaver reassured. "About that, Rossi has volunteered to assist, so it'll be kinda difficult to find another assistant coach." Hotch joked again. Seaver giggled. A sleeping Derek stirred as he leaned back in his seat. Seaver glanced over at him and a sleeping Spencer.

"I'll let Du look over that some more." Seaver sagte as she headed back to her seat. Hotch then continued looking over his Fußball stuff. "Thank Du Rossi." he whispered. About 30 Minuten after Hotch looked at the stuff, Spencer started to sleep-talk. Hotch laughed quietly before looking at his information again. He then took some time to think about all of it. And he thought HARD.

After some thinking, he looked at Seaver, who was fixing herself a cup of hot chocolate. "You stopped again?" Hotch jokingly asked. "Only to fix myself a little pick-me-up." Seaver answered with a cheesy smile. They both laughed. "So, what have Du thought about doing?" Seaver asked curiously. "I'm gonna take the job." Hotch answered. "That's great!" Seaver replied. "With Rossi Von my side, I have NOTHING to worry about!" Hotch stated smiling. They both went and sat on the couch to continue talking.

"If me and Rossi can't do it because of a case, I'll just ask someone else to take over." Hotch said. "They'll know." Seaver reassured before blowing on her drink to cool it off. Hotch smiled. About mid-way into the conversation, Derek started to snore. Hotch and Seaver briefly glanced over at him, then at Spencer, who was still sleep-talking. "If Du want, I'll wake both of 'em." Seaver stated sweetly. "Morgan's actually fine. It's Spencer who I'd wake up." Hotch recommended.

Seaver went over to Spencer and gently tapped his shoulder. "Hotch is trying to focus on his Fußball stuff." she said. "Oh, I must've been sleep-talking again." Spencer replied sleepily. He sat up and went back to sleep. Seaver went back over to Hotch. "You'll be phenomenal!" Seaver encouraged. "Thank you." Hotch thanked.