Over the Weiter few months, Spencer had relapsed on his nightmares. He didn't know why, but he just did. Despite the progress, the nightmares slowly kept coming back. Spencer hid this from his family and BAU colleagues. He didn't want anyone fretting over him. He felt he needed to solve this problem on his own.

Spencer was in his dream world and in his ghostly form. He saw a person he NEVER thought he'd see in a nightmare. That person was JJ! "JJ?" Spencer wondered. "How dare Du mock my protection!" JJ remarked about Emily Prentiss' fake death. "What? I was angry!" Spencer replied clueless. "Why weren't Du pissed at Hotch?" JJ asked cruelly. "I had a reason!" Spencer answered.

"Hotch is the one Du should've been mad at." JJ taunted. "You know what JJ, I had every right to be angry at you. WHY? Because you're one of my closest friends!" Spencer argued. "Oh, so Du just take your frustration out on ME? If I had known your ignorance, I wouldnt've made Du the godfather of Henry!" JJ argued back. Spencer felt a stabbing in his heart. "You know what, I'm glad that's Henry's my godchild!" he defended. JJ looked on. "I don't want Du anywhere near Henry anymore." she concluded harshly before fading. The "real" Spencer awoke drenched in a cold sweat.

He breathed heavily as he came to realize it was only a nightmare. *Out of all the nightmares I've been having recently, THIS ONE was the worst!* thought the doc. He took a big gulp of his water then looked over at Derek. He was snoring real loudly, but Spencer was too distraught to wake him. *I'm just gonna let him sleep.* Spencer thought. The BAU had been in Sacramento, California for another case. Also, Derek's allergies were all over the place lately. Spencer finally went back into a deep sleep afew moments later.

The Weiter morning, he and Derek were awakened Von the Dierks Bentley smash "Tip It On Back" as the alarm went off. Spencer hit the snooze button as usual. He thought about why he was having nightmares again as Derek took a shower. *I don't why they came back!* the doc thought. He put his thoughts in the back of his head as he got up to get ready. "I guess I'll have an answer sooner oder later." the doc sagte to himself. Derek got out of the bathroom fully dressed.

"I hope I didn't snore." he stated still sounding very congested. "I don't think I heard you, to be honest." Spencer lied. "That's a relief!" Derek replied. "Maybe I was just in a deep sleep." Spencer lied again. "My allergies have been runnin' off the wall, they're so insane right now." Derek sagte getting a tissue. Spencer dug in his medical bag. "Take some Claritin. It'll make Du feel better in minutes." Spencer replied as he gave Derek the allergy med. "I'm glad we're sharin' a room again." Derek stated with a smile.