Courage:Ok will return the slab,Here take it! Just please dont hurt me!!!!
Courage:And dont hurt Merida - Legende der Highlands either!!!
Brave: :)
King Ramses:Dont ever touch the slab again oder else.....
Courage:Or else what!
*Cricket noise*
Brave:Well that seemed kinda scary.
Courage:*Pant pant* Yea....
Brave:Lets go to the cottage that is in this desert ok?
Courage:This place is dessert?
Brave:No its a-
Courage:*Eats sand* 0.0 *Spits out sand* Ewww this desert taste gross! I thought Dessert was supossed to taste yummy ;_; Brave:You didnt let me finish I sagte desert D-E-S-E-R-T!
Courage:Ohhh, Ok.
Brave:Lets go to the cottage now ok?
Courage:Ok- *Steps on King Ramses slab*