*Courage and Merida - Legende der Highlands at Egypt*
Courage:This place gives me the creeps. *Shivers*
Brave:Oh relax it wont be that long.
Courage:I hope so....
Brave:*Steps on something smooth and hard*
Courage:What is it?
Brave: Looks like a slab.
Courage:*Looks at it*
Courage:Oh no...
Brave: What is it?
Courage:Its King Ramses slab!
Brave:Whose King Ramses?
Courage:A guy who is a really scary mummy and once put a curse on one of my owners!
Brave:Omg are they ok?! Is the curse done?!
Courage:My owner is fine now and the curse is over.
Brave:Oh thats a relief.
Brave:Lets return this slab before-
King Ramses:Return the slab oder suffer my curse
Courage and Brave:*Screams*