Brave:I planned something special today.
Courage:What is it?*Drinks water*
Brave:A DATE!
Courage:*spits out water* a WHAT?
Brave:A date!^-^
Courage:Ummm no offense but...I think its to early to do that.
Brave:Oh...I know how Du feel...*Walks away sadly*
Courage:Wait no i didnt mean it that way!Oh what the heck i messed up big time.
Courage:*Goes to his best friend Jake for information*
Jake:(Dog i made up) Dude why did Du say that? That will just screw things up!
Courage:I know but I went to Du information on what to do.
Jake:Ok,Here is the simple way to make everything better,Give her some chocolates and red Rosen and apologize.
Courage:*Goes where Merida - Legende der Highlands is*