On an abandoned racetrack in the shape of a figure 8, Mark and Rob were taken over there Von William. Two cars from 1960 awaited the drivers. One was a Porsche, and the other, a Corvette. They were Weiter to each other, facing the opposite direction.

William: I am giving the Corvette to Mark.
Rob: That's fine, I'll still win.
William: Your objective is to race as fast as Du can until someone crashes. Loser has to pay for damages.
Mark: Now I'll Zeigen Du what I got.
Rob: I can't wait.

The two men got in their cars. William had the flag for them.

William: Ready?! *Waving the flag* Go!!

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Mark & Rob: *Flooring it. They quickly start their way around the figure 8*
William: *Watching the two men in their cars*
Sarah's Citroen

Sarah Danning, Mark's girlfriend, arrived in her car, a black Citroen.

Mark: *Giving Rob an angry look as he passes him*
Rob: *Staying calm as he makes a left turn*
Sarah: *Runs out of her car, and goes towards William*
William: Sarah, nice of Du to stop by. Came to see your boyfriend?
Sarah: I came to see the man who beat him yesterday.
Mark: The money Du won from that last race will soon be spent on the dents of my car.
Rob: Don't get optimistic in there. No one's crashed yet, but it certainly won't be me that crashes first.

They had a near-hit as they passed each other in the middle of the 8.

Sarah: This is making me nervous.
William: This is making me excited.
Mark: I'm coming for you. Du better get out of the way, oder you're a goner.
Rob: *Watching Mark come towards him without going left, oder right* He's trying to play chicken. *Steers to the right to avoid him* Wait. *Looks at the front of his car* That slope might help. Weiter time he comes for me, I'll run towards him myself.

They got on another straight stretch, and were heading straight towards each other.

Mark: I won't turn.
Rob: I'll stay straight.
Sarah: They're not getting out of the way!
William: Oh, this is going to be messy.
Mark: *Hits the front of Rob's car, and goes airborne. His Corvette lands on the ground, upside down*

Stop the song

Rob: *Stops his car, and gets out*
Mark: *Climbs out from under his car*
Rob: *Walks over to Mark with William, and Sarah* I'm afraid Du Lost again.
Mark: Du tried to kill me!
Rob: Du did that to yourself. Should've moved out of the way.
William: This'll be at least $500. I'll have the total bill sent to your house later this evening.
Sarah: It's a good thing I got here when I did, huh?
Mark: *Looks at his girlfriend* Yeah. Let's split. *Walks away with Sarah*
William: You're making a very good reputation for yourself, and Du haven't even been here for a week. I got something else for Du tonight. Du remember where I live?
Rob: Of course.
William: Then come on over at 6 PM.
Rob: Right. *Walks away*

2 B Continued
Brenna Gostylo as Sarah Danning