Codename: Kids Weiter Door Funniest Knd Moments

duncylovescourt posted on Sep 04, 2010 at 03:41AM
post wat u think ur the funniest knd moments

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Vor mehr als einem Jahr kndluva said…
When Sector V is making fun of Nigels big butt. I always laugh so hard!!
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Vor mehr als einem Jahr taismo723 said…
Um.... Probably when Wally is complaining about being spanked by Count Spank-U-Lot. "I'll get smashamatized!"
Vor mehr als einem Jahr kndkid96 said…
I like the part in Op. Z.E.R.O. with Wally, the Count, and the kangaroo!....and the part with Kuki and the many many many MANY cats.
Vor mehr als einem Jahr macka746 said…
pianos are VERY heavy
Vor mehr als einem Jahr kndluva said…
Wait, wait, wait. The funniest KND moment would be in Op. T.R.I.C.Y.C.L.E. -
Tommy: Why do we have to clean the garage on a Saturday?!?!
Numbuh 2: Because we haven't seen the dog in 3 months!
Vor mehr als einem Jahr amy23000 said…
big smile
"it three quiet" "three quiet??? what the crud's that mean??" "its one more than two quiet" "i had two ask...." i luv!!!!!!!!!!!!! that part!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! sooo much i also like that part were numbuh 3 says " i msure do wish number 5 was here" and than she comes all agified ooooooooooo i know i LUUUUV all those times wally just goes nananana and then somthing random!!
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Vor mehr als einem Jahr kndkid96 said…
Or what about (in Op. D.O.G.H.O.U.S.E.):

Numbuh 4: Hey, Numbuh 5! I think I figured out when the war of 1812 was!

I love that part!
Vor mehr als einem Jahr glelsey said…
There was a little conversation between Numbuhs 2 and 5 in Op. CANNON that just made me laugh for some reason:
Numbuh 5: *as if angry with Numbuh 2 for being a slacker* Hey, what are you doing in here!
Numbuh 2: Oh, I was just, er...
Numbuh 5: Move over. *joins him*

And a lot of the things Numbuh 4 says to do with his *slight* lack of intelligence. Such as when he's working out new and improved ways to spell words, adding in random numbers and punctuation into words.
"Hold on! I'm working out a way to spell Mississippi with no s's!"
wishey commented…
I don't think that portrays lack on intelligence really. Wallys just super creative and thinks his way is better :) Vor mehr als einem Jahr
Vor mehr als einem Jahr kndkid96 said…
Or what about:

Numbuh 1: WAIT A MINUTE! Babies don't come from New Jersey!...They come from Philidelphia.
Vor mehr als einem Jahr ilovesushi101 said…
I love it when Wally sings his songs that he makes up
na na na na na buried on the moon
na na na na na got ...... up my nose
na na na na na is it gonna freeze off?

I also love it in op GHOST when Numbuh 4 sings
You stoopid hamsters, aint got my so-da cuz ur so stoopid, I am so coo-ol

And on op ZERO
Numbuh 4: "We'll lose another 42 thirds within 11teen minutes leaving only 1 dollar and 7 operatives left in 68 quarters of the world"