Cobie Smulders Which one of the following Cobie outfits is your favourite?

Pick one:
White dress @ Harold & Kumar premiere.
Blue dress @ Forgetting Sarah Marshall premiere.
Spotty Dress @ Cool comedy Hot Cuisine Benefit Gala
Grey dress @ 49th annual Grammys.
Blue dress @ How I Met Your Mother academy screening.
Little Black dress #1 @ Cella Gallery Grand Opening.
Possibly the same blue dress as FSM @ Victoria's Secret fashion show.
Black dress @ CBS monday night season premieres.
White & grey dress @ Instyle summer soiree.
White & black dress @ 18th annual GLAAD media awards.
Red oben, nach oben @ 2006 Winter TCA Press Tour Party.
Blue dress @ 2002 summer press tour party.
Unfortunate bra incident @ CBS 2005 Upfront.
Red dress @ 2006 How I Met Your Mother premiere party
White jacke & jeans @ datum Movie screening.
Blue dress @ 2006 People's Choice Awards.
Little black dress #2 @ the Museum of Fernsehen & Radio Annual Gala
Blue rock @ 2002 ABC summer press tour.
Tartan oben, nach oben @ 2008 CBS Comedies season premiere party.
Silver dress @ How I Met Your Mother spring premiere.
Purple oben, nach oben & Jeans @ 2005 CBS TCA party.
rosa dress @ 2008 Showtime press tours party.
rosa dress @ 'Climb Against the Odds' benefit 2008.
Black dress @ How I Met Your Mother karaoke event.
As Robin @ Lily's wedding in season 2 of How I Met Your Mother.
As Robin@ the Wedding in an episode of How I Met Your Mother season 1.
 Saul_Mikoliunas posted Vor mehr als einem Jahr
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