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Die Fanauswahl: Bonanza
Die Fanauswahl: A-Team
Die Fanauswahl: Dinosaurier
Die Fanauswahl: Full House
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sehdt sagte …
Mr ED I would Liebe to see that again. gepostet Vor mehr als einem Jahr
normanhall Kommentiert…
Love, American Style is the best classic Zeigen for me! I still remember my week isn’t complete without watching this awesome show! It’s sometimes Zeigen wildness and sexiness but who cares I still like it because it has a good sense of both drama and comedy. I’m a big Fan of Stuart and Mary back then. I really missed this Zeigen and very happy when I saw it being sold at . I Liebe the quality of the DVDs I received and this boxset has all the entire episodes from season1-5! So glad to own this one! I’m still catching up and I’m now on the 3rd season! In this generation, there are some TV series that’s worth to watch for, oder they are still trying to reach that level, but there are only few TV series which tries inspire it’s viewers, like this Zeigen did! Vor mehr als einem Jahr
EclecticFan78 sagte …
I would like to invite Fans of the 80's sitcom "Mr Belvedere" to the new Fan spot.
Hope to see Du there! gepostet Vor mehr als einem Jahr
shoshanawatson sagte …
awesome gepostet Vor mehr als einem Jahr