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News by fan-at-KWN posted Vor mehr als einem Jahr
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In 2005, Matthew got the chance to hang out with his justice-seeking idol, Chuck Norris, on the set of a Walker, Texas Ranger special reunion movie.

Then, in 2008, Chuck Norris spent some quality time with Brandon, a young Fan suffering from a cystic brain legion.

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Article by Hidanfan posted Vor mehr als einem Jahr
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Some are reallly funny!

Some people wear Superman pajamas. Superman wears
Chuck Norris pajamas

Chuck Norris can set ants on feuer with a
magnifying glass. At night.

Chuck Norris is the reason why Waldo is hiding.

Chuck Norris has already been to Mars; that's why there are no signs of life there.

Chuck Norris can slam a revolving door
Chuck Norris doesn't breathe, he holds air hostage.

Chuck Norris once kicked a horse in the chin. Its decendants are known today as Giraffes.

Chuck Norris played Russian Roulette with a fully loaded gun and won.

When Chuck Norris plays Oregon Trail his family does not die from cholera oder dysentery, but rather roundhouse kicks to the face. He also requires no wagon, since he carries the oxen, axels, and buffalo meat on his back.He always makes it to Oregon before you.

Chuck Norris appeared in the “Street Fighter II” video game, but was removed Von Beta Testers because every button caused him to do a roundhouse kick. When asked bout this “glitch,” Norris replied, “That’s no glitch.”