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 Disney Weihnachten
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merry Weihnachten
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If you're looking for a festive look that doesn't scream "CHRISTMAS!", try out a sparkly sequinned dress! It's a beliebt look with all kinds of celebs.

Taylor Swift, Jordin Sparks, Beyonce, Hilary Duff, Katy Perry, and Kristen Stewart have all shone in shiny dresses. It's a great look to wear to any holiday event Du might have coming up (a party, a school dance, a girls' night, etc. etc.)

Here are some options we found from Delia's. This one is a light grey dress with a smattering of sparkles and a flouncy skirt. The Sekunde one only has sparkles on the oben, nach oben and a cute bow at the waist. And the third option is an all-over sequins look!

If Du don't feel comfortable wearing full-on sparkles, try accessorizing with something like glittery tights, a sparkly ring, oder shiny metallic nail polish.

Do Du like this trendy look?
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A little late on this one but here are a few 'carols' I found funny. Not all of these are safe, sicher for work. If Du have any Mehr feel free to drop them in the Kommentare section.

Bob Rivers' 12 Pains Of Christmas

Jeff Foxworthy's 12 Days Of Redneck Christmas

Key Of Awesome's 12 Days Of Miley

Key Of Awesome's Weihnachten Parody Spectacular

Jon LaJolie's Best Weihnachten Song

Jojo OrangaTang's Weihnachten On The Floor

Nigahiga's Weihnachten Swag

WaneFawsome's Itchy Balls

Jillian Hall's Rocking Around The Weihnachten Tree

Bob Rivers' Who Put The D*** On The Snow Man

Cheech & Chong's Police Got My Car

Bing Bing Bong A Donald Trump Jingle Bells
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 A White Grinch???
A White Grinch???
Since we're all still in Weihnachten mood, here is my comparison for both the 1966 animated short with its live action film made in 2000.

1966 Animated Short

This animated short that started it all! I Liebe the vibrant and how colourful this animated cartoon, it's whimsical Animation style will make Du Liebe this cartoon and Dr. Seuss, his artwork fascinates people even in today's generation, the theme song 'You're Mean One, Mr. Grinch!' has even been covered in the TV series, 'Glee' that I could not get it out of my head after listening to it recently.

2000 Live Action Film

When this film came...
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Not a Fan of your traditional Weihnachten music? Here's a Liste of hard Weihnachten songs from all over the metal spectrum! If Du have any Mehr suggestions feel free to drop them in the comments.

Within Temptation's Gothic Christmas

Ben Kweller's It Ain't Weihnachten Yet

Material Issue's Merry Christmas

Lacuna Coil's Naughty Christmas

Amarna Reign's Black Christmas

Hedegaard's Scary Christmas

Trans Siberian Orchestra's Carol Of The Bells

August Burns Red's Carol Of The Bells

I Declare War's Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer

Hope For Tomorrow's A Very Metalcore Christmas

Hollywood Undead's Weihnachten In Hollywood...
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