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livetobefree posted on Aug 31, 2012 at 02:33PM
Hi! So I am kind of tired of people who dont see that Catholicism is a Christian faith. Even though I'm not really part of any one sect, I am a born and raised Catholic and currently still go to a Catholic church. I also go to a Catholic school where I took a theological class and a class about the death and life of Jesus. So any questions, stareotypes, or things you want to know just ask me. I'd rather you asked than judged thanks :)

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Vor mehr als einem Jahr PucksLady said…
My dad is Catholic, so anytime I see this situation i get ticked off! Why do people do that? I'm a bit different. I was baptized in a Catholic church, but confirmed Lutheran, so I'm a bit of both. I'm proud of it. I love how I come from two different denominations, and I see nothing wrong with being from a Cathoic church. We are Christians as well. I feel for you and I hope this doesn't cause more problems for you in the future.
Vor mehr als einem Jahr livetobefree said…
Thankyou so much!^^^ I agree we should all be accepted for who we are as Christians :)