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Hershey's makes bid for Cadbury's, what do Du think?

Last week Hershey's made a bid to buy Cadbury's, but Cadbury's rejected it claiming the bid was too low. Now Hershey's has made a Sekunde bid. So, I was wondering what do Du think of all of this? Do Du want Hershey's to buy Cadbury's? Do Du think Cadbury's needs it, oder would benefit of it? Do Du like Hershey's/Cadbury's?
It seems in Kürzlich events that Hershey's bid was declined. It was bought instead Von American company Kraft (an someone tell me what they're like?) They we're originally going to buy only Bournville, but ended up paying £11.7billion for the whole company. What do Du think about it? Will Cadbury's be Americanised, will it lose its unique Britishness? Will it blossom under its new owners? C'mon Schokolade fanatics! What do Du think?
Myf_1992 posted Vor mehr als einem Jahr
 Myf_1992 posted Vor mehr als einem Jahr
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