this is about the same blog i wrote on myspace, i actually had taps, Du know the paranormal investigators from tv contact me, wanting me to put my story in their magazine. thats when i had my page hacked and didnt know it, i responded to the lady.. and she never contacted melater i found out that every message i had been sending wasnt even being sent=(

anyways, here is my story.. this is kinda long.

it all started when my daughter was first born, and i moved in with my mom to help me with my baby. ..i had a c-cection. so i needed all the help i could get at the time..
anyways, i vivited my dad soon after i had the baby, and he is a paranormal
investigator, so i was looking at all of his new ghost pictures. there was one in paticular that really freaked me out. it was a Jesus picture that was hanging on his wall. and Du can see a ghoat standing in front of it, Du can tell its rying to hide... i guess cause he had a psychic there at the time he tok the pics.. but, it was glaring at my dad. i mean really mean looking... he has a lot of pics of this same ghost. one of them Du can see its teeth, and they are like sharp... anyways.....i begged him to let me take them Home to Zeigen my mom and my step dad who didnt beleive in ghosts at the time, and he finally let me....
well that night we were sitting on my moms bett looking at them... and i had made fun of the pics at my dads, i told him this one looked like it was constipated, and that one looks like its a damn demon... bla bla bla... well we were sitting on the bett doing the same thing. well that night this is what happend....
my brother josh, my mom, and my friend mia was sitting in the living room. mia and i were arguing pretty loud...anyways, i heard a door open in the hallway Weiter to me, i thoought that it was my step dad comming in there because i woke him up yellin oder something. anyways, suddenly i heard the door shut again. and what was weird, i knew it was my bedroom door, because i would make a loud unique noise when it shut... a sound none of the other doors in the house made... so i was like what the hell? someone is in there with my baby.... kaylee was like four oder five months old and was in her crib. alll of a sudden she started screaming her head off, i jumped up fast thinking someone was in there with her. i remember putting my hand on the door knob, and with her crying in the background, i heard someone go, "SHHH" and she cried a lil louder, then it did it again, like it was angry, "SHHHHHHHH!!!!!!" like it was pissed off that she was screaming... so i
opened the door, and i was confused cause she was the only one in there.
i looked around the room, looking for someone in there, there was no one. kaylee was sitting up in her crib, and looking toward a Wand that we were sitting against in the living room. (thats important later) kind of scared me, but i put her back to bed. (they were smoking in the living room..and i didnt want kaylee to go in there and get a contact buzz oder something.) so i put her back to sleep in her crib. i went back into the living room, sat down and started talking with them again. and about fifteen min. later, something was beating on the Wand we were sitting by,..and just wasnt a little pound, it was like: BOOM, BOOM, BOOM, BOOM, BOOM, really hard. at this point i was so fucking scared that my daughter was in danger, that i was at the bedroom door, while the ghost was still beating on the wall. i opened up the door, and saw my baby....standing up in the middle of her crib. the look on her face terrified me. she was lookin at something that i couldnt see.
mom told me to get those pictures the hell out of her house. i wanted to burn them myself... but my daddy would have burnt my arsch too!!!
anyways that was when it started... after about three weeks, it started to just bother me, i think because i would cuss it out and stuff...cause it was fucking with my daughter...there are atleast fifty stories like this i can tell. but, everytime, they got worse and worse.
it started being just strait up fucking evil. everynight, right when i got to the point of where, i was falling would wake me up. no matter where the hell i was in the house. one time, i fell asleep on accident putting my daughter to sleep.... and i woke up to cold arsch fingers on me. but, the fucked up part was that it was running its fingers under the oben, nach oben of my panties. i laid there with my eyes closed..i was too afraid to open them... the worst fear i had was actually seeing what this thing looked like. but, when i would open my eyes, it would totally stopp
after living with this for a while, my fiance moved in with us. and i tried to tell him about it, and i owuld ask him if it ever touched him..... he always sagte no, and told me he didnt beleive me... it got to the point as when i was in the living room in the middle of the day, it would touch me. i tried my best to tell everyone around family..people that should beleive me and understand. well, my step dad was an asshole, and he would laugh and tell me to lay the hell off of the methadone....
i had to stay up everynight untill the sun was completely up before i would go to sleep. i was totally scared of being in the dark alone... if Du havent expierienced just cant understand, falling asleep was HELL! because, i would litterally lay there and wait...wait for something to happen. my herz would be beating out of my chest. and right when i started to fall asleep is when something would fly accross the room...or something!
no one believed me. not even michael...(my fiance') well, he finally did! one night i got fed up we were watching a movie, very scary, emily rose... well i told him i wasnt going to go to sleep when the movie went off. cause i was already too damn scared. he laughed at me! so i got pissed and started saying, "please scare the hell out of him tonight. he thinks Du are fake, Du are a pussy if Du dont.. bla bla bla..." well, he slept through it. i heard it opening and shutting the bedroom door over and over. so i went in there and him and my daughter were faast asleep. he sagte he never heard it. so, the Weiter night, i showed him, i made him stay awake in the bed, in the dark with me and just wait. not even five min. went Von when something flew accross the room. he jumped up and turned on the lights. i wasnt scared of shit like that..i was used to it. so i made him turn the light back off, and when he did. he laid back down on the bed. and right behind our heads was this loud like raspy breathing noise like: HAAAAAAH really loud. from then on he would not sleep with out a night light. even to this day, the closet door has to be shut, and a nightlight on before he will try to sleep.
before i moved out it got REALLY bad. one night i was comming out of the bathroom...(the bathroom door is directly across form the hallway) when i walked out, i saw a very dark shaddow of a man standing Weiter to our bedroom door. his legs were really wide apart. what was weird was, if his legs would have been close togather, his head would have been through the ceiling. he was soooo black that Du can see him in the dark... its hard to explain... but he is darker than a dark roo,.... so i ignored it.. which i learned piss them off.... i just walked to the couch and sat there scared to fuckin death.
a few nights later, i was staying up as usual, watchin tv..and i heard the distinct sound of something punching a picture in our hallway, i heard it fall to the floor too. when my mom got up to fix my step dads lunch, she asked why the pic was on the floor. i went and got it, and it had been punched through. the glass was pushed through the back of the frame...the weird thing about it was... that that was exactly where i seen him standing. that picture was at the very oben, nach oben of the inch from the ceiling. and it was laying glass side up..... if the fall to the floor had made
the glass go through the back, it would have to be laying glass side down.... and i heard the ghost schlagen, punsch the picture itself... it hit it really fucking hard.. so hard that i jumped! and then i heard it hit the floor.
everyone believes me now, i told mia about it one night, her friend was there when i told them...not even five Minuten later, we heard the ghost walking Von us. Du could hear the footsteps on the floor, the sound of the floor creaking, the sound of its feet dragging as well. mias freind was scared too death. her friend amber jumped up on oben, nach oben of mia... amber was like oh my god!
when it was time for me to Bewegen out... my step dad still didnt believe me...
hes like that, if he saw it right in his face, he would say it was fake oder
something.... so i knew that this thing would scare HIM if i told it too.... just like it did michael... so bfore i left, i begged it to scare him, and i would tell it this shit right in front of him. he would make fun of me, but i would just laugh cause i knew.....
when i moved out, my mom would tell me things. she told me they could hear someone breathing in their ears at would get on the bett with them..they could feel the bett push down...they felt someone under their pillow....all the things that i had been telling them. so that was pretty funny to me!
a girl spent the night one night too, she had NO idea about any of this, she started screaming in her bed, she sagte someone was sitting on her chest. and she could hear them walk away when she started screaming....
well, i live in an apt. now, and that ghost id not here. THANK GOD!!! but another one is. its not mean like the other one was. everyone that spends the night tells me stuff like, they saw the cabinett doors open Von therself...and they can see a shadow go accross the room....and they hear footsteps... this one dosent scare me at all. there have been times when it has. like it will sit on the bett with us, and we will feel it get pushed down, oder it hit the Wand really hard....once it hit the hangers inour will knock on the front door..and try to turn the knob...and no one is there...
the first time i have EVER tried to catch it on my digital camera...i caught it. my mom was sitting here with me about a week ago, she was on myspace!! and we kept hearing something knoking on my dvd player, it would push the open button...i got my camera and caught it on it. that is the pic i will Zeigen yall if Du wanna see it. after i snapped the pic, it totally stopped.
right now.. i Lost the damn picture... it was on a slide Zeigen on the other Profil i had ...ugh... and the thing that i used is no help.. cause it was a while back. and i dont know which email, oder Passwort i used.. i was so pissed when i realized that.. but, that aint nuthin.. i have other pictures.. my dad is a paranormal investigator, and he has shitloads.. everytime he comes over, he takes them, and almost always has something in them.. one day, he was sitting here in my living room, and i was going towards my room through the hallways, and i just stopped, i was seriously stunned, cause my daughters door was making that freaky sound ya know, when doors open really slowly... but the thing was it wasnt opening at all.. it was weird.. and i dont get scared much at all anymore.. but, he snapped a picture, and the is a huge thing of mist in my daughters room... it scared me when isaw it.. cause i hadnt opened that door for like a week.. cause she wasnt home..

so my Frage fo Du all is, do Du believe in ghosts? have Du ever experienced anything? if Du havent, do Du think they are out there? i didnt before, i do now. im still scared too death when i hear creeks in the middle of the night because of all of this.