Name of movie:Enchanted
Stars:Amy Adams,James Marsden,Patrick Dempsey.
Director:Kevin Lima

Title:Best Romantic Fantasy combining 2D Animation and live action.

Ever wonder what would it be like to have a movie that will unleash your childhood memories,well that is what Verzaubert did a cute romantic film that will leave Du Verzaubert to your TV.The story kicks off in 2D Animation and tells the story of a beautiful maiden named Giselle(voiced Von Adams) who dreams of charming princes and of course True love's kiss.The narrator is of course the lovely Julie Andrews. Giselle of course meets the hilarious prince Edward(Marsden) who saves her from a troll. The two fall in Liebe and decide to tie the knot.Of course the prince's evil stepmother doesn't want that and on the eve of the soon to be Princess's wedding ,she pushes Giselle into a well which will send her to the not so happy ever after place that is New York City that transformed the soon to be princess to our world via a manhole(stupid huh well read on).

As Giselle(still adams) is struggling with our world she meets and falls in Liebe with a charming pesmisstic divorce Attorney/single parent Robert Philip(Yep Patrick Dempsey) who at first thought that Giselle was a bit crazy. His 6 yr old daughter is obsessed with fairytales. Of course he is currently asking his 5 yrs Girlfriend Nancy Tremaine(Idina Menzel)to marry him.
Although Giselle has the best of both worlds she must choose the right man for her and of course Andalasia VS New York?.

Verzaubert is the most cutest romantic Fantasy comedy I have seen in a long time,from the opening 10 mins in animation,to the hilarious charcthers(Pip & Edward were hilarious),to the chemistry of Patrick Dempsey(who was a bit dull at first but he got funnier and charming)and Amy Adams(if I was a guy I would be with her LOL)to the finale(which was too quick),I highly recommend this movie to anyone who wants to unleash their inner child.


Best Quotes:Alot of them are either funny('You met your match Du fowl bellowing beast'),romantic('Only when your around to catch me'),and very true('If a relationship has issues at the beginning it doesn't get any better').

Best scene:

Funny:Giselle almost getting knocked over Von the lorry oder James Marsden Schauspielen like an idiot.

Romantic:Ballroom Scene,so romantic when Dempsey sings.

Feel-good:The Thats how Du know scene.

If Du Liebe fairytales and silly charcthers oder combining live action/animation Du will Liebe this.

Verzaubert in 2D
Amy & Patrick were cute together
Amy Adams is very good here,sweet and entertaining.