When Megan and the other ponies saw Applejaxs chained up, there hearts sank. there was no way of winning this now.

"haha! Du will all perish in my rein!" Shouted Terrack. "prepare-" he was cut of Von a faint light in the back of the room. Everyone, including the guards, stared. Then it flashed, and suddenly there were a hundred full grown Pferde standing around the room, each with a set of soft feathery wings and a bright horn on oben, nach oben of there forehead. Then, one stepped forward. She had a pale white coat, with thick rosa strands in her hair, a rosa horn and hooves, and the tips of her wings were pink.

"Well now, I belive Du forgott about us." The Pferde neighed and stomped there feet. Applejax's chains were released from her neck. The three ponies that Terrack had captured appered in front of Megan. They quickly scrambeled behind her. "we are the Angel – Jäger der Finsternis Horses." The white horse continued. " And I am Giana. I HATE the dark!" With that, the Pferde surged forward, aurrounding Terrack and his minions. The ponies and megan didnt know what happened, but from there kreis came a flash of white light. Then the Pferde stopped and baced away, satisfied looks on there faces. Were terrack had once been were now blue birds, Drachen flys, and a prince, who was garbed in fine robes and a Gold crown on his head.

"Thank you." the prince sagte to Giana. "The darckness captured me and turned me into terrack. I would have Lost all resistance and completly absorbed his consiousness if Du hadnt come." Giana dipped her head. Then she turned to he ponies.

"Well, we finally meet. As Du may know, I am Giana." She coked her head to the left slightly and diped it in a sign of respect.

"I-Im firefly." Firefly stepped vorwärts-, nach vorn and followed her example. One Von one, the poinies introduced them selfs.

" And Du are?" Giana turned her gaze to megan.

"M-Megan." She managed. " how did you.... were did you..?"

Giana let out a small chuckel. "Were we come from, I can not say. How we, ah, fixed him? We simply drained him of darckness. Us Angel – Jäger der Finsternis Pferde are very good with magic." She stomped her feet.

"But why now?" Applejax fentured. "Why come to save us now?"

"If we hadnt, Du WOULD have all perished. I dont know how we knew, but we did. We didnt know were, we just came. Strange things like that tend to happen to us." Then she stopmed her front right hoof three times. "Well, we had best be off! Good luck Ponies! May happiness fill your hearts and joy lift your hoofs!" Then her and all the other Pferde disappered into the small light they had come from. And for a teilt, split second, they all glimpsed a magical castl with pale white walls and green trees and lush gardens, and all the Pferde flying to it. Then the light closed, and they were back in there own world again.

"WEll, thats that. Its over. We can go home."