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 Jane, Giselle, Kida and Tiana as Meerjungfrauen
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Disney Ladies as Meerjungfrauen
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First of all, I'm a straight girl, so this might be a little awkward. Anyway this is my Liste of the oben, nach oben 10 prettiest animated chicks who have an amazing Design that inspire me to draw beautiful women. This is just my Sekunde article, so please don't say anything too harsh.If Du like my article, please become a fan. Enjoy and Kommentar below :)

10) LOLA BUNNY (Space Jam)

The only girl with pelz on this list...She may be a bunny, but she is one pretty bunny! Why do Du think all the guys were drooling over her in Weltraum Jam? I Liebe her fluffy blonde hair and her cute bunny voice. I'm disappointed...
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This is my first Artikel on this spot so I decided to start with my Favorit animated females. Most of them are from Disney because I didn't grew up with so many non Disney movies. I include all kinds of females so that means sidekicks, animals, villains and main characters.

20. Aschenputtel (Cinderella)

I Liebe her because she's so faithful and because she managed to stay positive despite having to work so hard for her stepmother and stepsisters. But my biggest problem with her is that sometimes it looks like she's just standing without doing anything, like when her stepsisters yelled at...
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So, i promised to introduce some not so well known girls to you, so let´s start! XD

For the first Artikel on this subject, i choosed to take the girls i used for the pick i made^^


She comes from the movie "Ilya Muromets i Solovey Razboynik/Ilja Muromets and Nightingale the Robber", which was released in 2007.
It´s a russian production and tells the story of Ilya Muromets, a russian hero, who goes on the Suchen for his best friend, the magic horse Burushka. ( in the german version "Goldmähne", meaning goldmane)
The prince of Kiev joins his search, because Nightingale , who...
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