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 Odette as Black Widow
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This Zeichentrick-Heldinnen der Kindheit foto contains hip boot and thigh boot. There might also be strumpfhosen, leotards, and trikots.

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Much like my old Artikel where I compared Ariel and Merida, I decided to continue it after quite a few years. But this time it's me comparing Filme that are similar, though not something I'm planning on making a habit of. So far, I'm just going to be doing Pocahontas vs Anastasia and Sleeping Beauty vs The schwan Princess. We'll see where it goes from there. We'll be starting with, Von beliebt demand, Pocahontas vs Anastasia. First of all, I'm not going to bring up the historical inaccuracy of the two films because that's just really pointless. They're not meant to be educational, they're meant...
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Here's the Sekunde article! After a request of AudreyFreak (who's the one who gave me the idea), I decided to do Jane. I just want to say that she was very difficult and I might have been completely wrong about her, so I'd like Du to tell me what Du think about the results.

Jane is ESTP.

Extroverted: Almost everyone types her as introverted, but I'm not really sure about that. To begin with, she is definitely open to the outside world of people and things. She succeeded in communicating with a wild stranger, while he couldn't even speak. She was also very friendly towards all the Tiere (well,...
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Welcome to my third movie review but this one will be different from my last two. My first review was of Quest For Camelot, which hardly anyone Kommentiert on after I worked HARD on it. Anyway in that review I talked about the movie's problems but that it shouldn't get the criticisms it gets, especially when other Filme do similar things but people don't mind. insgesamt it was a great movie with an amazing, well-developed, and totally kicka** protagonist, lovely animation, incredible songs, and some funny comedy. I will admit it could have been better but for what it is it's still really great....
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