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Okay,these females are all from animes. . These are my oben, nach oben 10 so some have been changed. I grew up with Anime so that is the reason there are so many of them in this list.

10. Myu/Lucy (Elfen Lied)- Myu/Lucy is the kind of evil character in Elfen Lied. Myu is sweet but Lucy is the one who murders all these people in the anime. Okay the reason she got onto the Liste is because she has this sweet look. Myu/Lucy has long rosa hair, red eyes, and really pretty skin. The reason she is so low is because she killed a lot of people in the anime.

9. Rika (When the Higurashi Cry)- Rika is this sweet Japanese...
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I can't believe I haven't done one of these until now. :) Enjoy!

 "God will not abandon you. So don't Du abandon us."
"God will not abandon you. So don't Du abandon us."

10) Miriam (The Prince of Egypt)
I believe that Dreamworks' "The Prince of Egypt" is one of the most underrated films ever created, and Miriam is no exception. Only a supporting character in a film that is almost entirely about her brother, Moses, Miriam manages to shine despite her rather minor role. She isn't traditionally pretty (paling in comparison to the lithe and exotic Tzipporah,) but she has an innate, inner goodness that shows throughout her being. Despite...
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I asked people that voted to rank their Favorit heroine outfits, and they Kommentiert with their ranks. A total of 20 users took part. The ranks here are an average of the ranks of everyone that commented. The scoring of the ranks was done Von a total point score (combined points to each character from the lists of all of the people that participated)! For example, if somebody had Snow White's princess dress as #1 on their list, then it gets 10 points. If another person has it as #2, it gets 9 points and so on. If Snow White's princess dress is not in ranked in the oben, nach oben 10 on somebody's list,...
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