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This Zeichentrick-Heldinnen der Kindheit foto contains anime, comic, manga, cartoon, comic buch, karikatur, and comics.

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I saw other Artikel with tha same topic and I don't agree with. I think meg is beautifiul and many Artikel didn't even include her. Also I saw an Artikel saying that the thought jessica was the hottest, but not be mean I find her kinda ugly. So here's my Liste of the prettiest animated characters in my opinion(by the way i'm a girl)I've never seen princess and the frog but when I saw pictures of tiana and charlotte I thought they were pretty so I had to add them here.









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While I've never been one to spend hours thinking about who is the most beautiful character ever, I do admit I have my Favoriten in terms of beauty. I might have done this list, but I'd prefer to do it now again now that I've got my Favoriten cleared out. I add things like likability and personality aside from physical beauty in terms of how beautiful I find the character.

Most of these choices are in between conventional and unconventional, but it's mostly into what I personally find attractive. Remember that this Liste is subjective and it's all my opinion, so don't get mad if your faves aren't...
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I've been planning to do this Artikel for months and now I've finally gotten to do this. I'm not going to talk about this as much as I do most articles. I'm going to include all characters who are voiced Von the same person, except for one exception but we'll get to the reason for that later. I will also be giving a link to the character Singen in case Du haven't seen the movie. Please Kommentar on what Du think, enjoy.

15.Angel(Lady and The Tramp 2: Scamp's Adventure)
 Susan Egan
Susan Egan
I really do Liebe her voice, it's not as good as Scamp and Lady's voices in the movie but still really good. I...
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Welcome to my third movie review but this one will be different from my last two. My first review was of Quest For Camelot, which hardly anyone Kommentiert on after I worked HARD on it. Anyway in that review I talked about the movie's problems but that it shouldn't get the criticisms it gets, especially when other Filme do similar things but people don't mind. insgesamt it was a great movie with an amazing, well-developed, and totally kicka** protagonist, lovely animation, incredible songs, and some funny comedy. I will admit it could have been better but for what it is it's still really great....
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