I would usually post this on the Heroes club but that spot is a Lost cause. Anyway, I'm really tired but I wanted to get this Artikel done, I'll have to check up on it another time. Enjoy!

10. Nightcrawler

To be honest, 10th place could have been anyone. It was so hard for me to decide but here's the trouble maker, Nightcrawler. Come on, ''chicks dig the fuzzy dude!'' and teleportation is the most useful superpower ever. He was raised Von Germans but biologically he's Mystique's son and Rogue's brother.

9. Thomas

Thomas is not one of those characters I feel forced to feel bad for. No I genuinely feel sympathy for him because he's not self-pitying. And that's the thing, I genuinely like him, his character feels very organic to me. He keeps messing up but the movie doesn't go all ''Will Du just look at that tortured soul!'' Also, he's voiced Von Christian Bale!!!

8. Hiro

Hiro is fairly new so I didn't put him higher up on the Liste but he did leave an impact on me. I can relate to him at the beginning of the movie, having a passion while simultaneously not balancing out fun and work. The difference is that he is a genius who actually starts taking things seriously quickly enough. And when Du have a character Du can relate to AND admire, just bazinga. On the bonus note, his brother Tadashi is a hottie, maybe Hiro will grow up to be as good looking.

7. Max Goof

Nostalgia does play its part. I mean for most of the movie, Max tries to avoid Goofy as much as possible, he's so ashamed of his dad and tries to be a cool kid. But Du know, he clearly loves his father and learns to appreciate the things he has Von the end of the movie. Plus he's a teenager so overall, he's still a good realistic character in my book.

6. Kristoff

Let me just say that Anna and Kristoff's size difference is the cutest thing. Anyway, Kristoff definitely deviates from your typical knight in shining armor and his uniqueness appeals to me. He's actually the type that is hard to approach and not this cocky charming prince. I Liebe how protective he is of Anna while simultaneously not trying any smooth moves on her. I greatly value loyalty so I find this about him so incredible.

5. Eric

I've never been an Eric Fan girl. Don't get me wrong, he's a good looking lad but his personality is what makes it. He's definitely not this shallow person who fell for Ariel's voice since the Liebe between them took a while and she did save his life after all. It makes me smile so wide how in Liebe he is with ALL of Ariel, all of her quirks and flaws. He's just the sweetest guy, a guy who saved his dog from a burning ship. And he definitely develops realizing a real girl is better than the idea of a dream girl. Men oder women, not many are there yet so I give him Requisiten for that.

4. Darien

First of all, his romance with Serena is perfect. It's funny how he keeps teasing her while at the same treating her like she is the only girl in the world. I Liebe how he is this bad boy with a herz of Gold done right. He's mature and I Liebe his back-story from Promise of the Rose.

3. Kuzco

Kuzco is the type of character you'd usually hate. But at least when he was being an arrogant selfish Emperor, he always kept it funny and entertaining. He's very charismatic and never pretends to be something he's not. I can also look past his obnoxiousness because he makes up for it Von developing in the most believable way. On his journey, he went back and forth several times fooling Pacha. And at the end, he still remained same old Kuzco in a way, only much warmer and likeable.

2. Aang

Do Du believe in Liebe at first sight? Because I think it happened to me, I fell in Liebe with Aang's character immediately after watching the first episode of ATLA. As Fans have sagte ''If Du hate his face, Du have no soul'', he just has that innocence to him that makes it impossible not to love. The way he takes responsibilities having to master all 4 elements and keep the nations at peace adds up to his complexity.

1. Shang

It's understandable as to why Shang never ''lightens up'' as he has to discipline his men, wanting them to be the best they can be. I Liebe manly strong captains who genuinely care for their troops. And since we are in Ancient China, it's also understandable as to why he's not Pocahontas open minded but he does develop as the movie goes on. Seriously, he doesn't get enough credit for doing the unthinkable, sparing Mulan's life when it was against the law. ''A life for a life'' Nice save, Chi Fu would have thought Du might have... gulp... morals. His romance with Mulan is so cute, Du get to see a side of him you've never seen before. Also, he gets extra points for not being intimidated Von intelligent women. Do Du know how many girls IRL dumb themselves down to make a guy like them? That is a sad sight to see and Shang is truly an inspiration for not being scared of strong women. But he is also a smart guy himself, who is just as selfless, noble and brave, pity he's fictional.