First of all, I'm a straight girl, so this might be a little awkward. Anyway this is my Liste of the oben, nach oben 10 prettiest animated chicks who have an amazing Design that inspire me to draw beautiful women. This is just my Sekunde article, so please don't say anything too harsh.If Du like my article, please become a fan. Enjoy and Kommentar below :)

10) LOLA BUNNY (Space Jam)

The only girl with pelz on this list...She may be a bunny, but she is one pretty bunny! Why do Du think all the guys were drooling over her in Weltraum Jam? I Liebe her fluffy blonde hair and her cute bunny voice. I'm disappointed that the new Looney Tunes Zeigen ruined her design.

9) THE BLUE FAIRY (Pinocchio)

So what if she had a brief appearance on Pinocchio? She's amazingly beautiful! I Liebe her blonde curly hair and blue eyes. Plus she's really tall. Her dress is gorgeous and even her voice is really beautiful. She reminds me a lot of 1940's actress Mae West. I wish that she showed up Mehr in the movie so we could see Mehr of this stunning, classy woman.

8) NOODLE (Gorillaz)

Of all Gorillaz phases, I think Noodle looks best in the Demon Days era. In phase 1, she looks kinda funny and in Phase 3, she wears a mask most of the time. She was really pretty for a fourteen Jahr old. I really Liebe her unique design! I Liebe the texture of her violett hair, her cute smile, and adorable Japanese accent. I think it's cool that she has green eyes when she's Asian and I Liebe how they are narrow and not big. I also Liebe her outfits. A lot. Talk about stylish! The Musik video she is prettiest is in "El Manana". She looks really pretty in the "Gorillaz Talent Quest: Suchen for a Star" clip. The only thing though is that she is often mistaken for a boy and can look like a monkey at times.

7) THE EVIL Queen (Snow White)

The most beautiful villainess in my opinion. i think she looks absolutely stunning even if her face is caked with make up and covers up her hair. That just shows how beautiful she is. I'm still dying to see how she looks like with her hair all out though. I Liebe her narrow green eyes. I just think narrow eyes on women are very beautiful and feminine. It's such a shame such a beautiful woman turned into an ugly old hag.

6) CLAUDETTE VANCE (Queen's Blade)

I'm no Anime fan, but Claudette is so beautiful! I'm kinda embarrassed to put her on here, because of the series she's in. (I like the series for the plot FYI not the usual reason.) Claudette is Von far the most beautiful Vance sister. Leina is overrated and she and Elena are too similar. Claudette is much prettier plus she stands out with her red hair and green eyes. Funny how a lot of characters in this Liste have green eyes, when I don't really like green eyes. I also Liebe her seriousness, her voice (English dub), and how bad a** she is with her lightning sword. I want her to win the Queen's Blade!


The most beautiful woman in comics in my opinion. I Liebe how she is an amazonas, amazon and how she kicks a**. I also Liebe her jet black hair and narrow blue eyes. This isn't even enough to describe how beautiful she is.

4) KORRA (The Legend of Korra)

Korra is what I would call a Native American beauty, even if she's such a tomboy. Her eyes are a pretty shade of blue and I Liebe that they pop with her tan skin. Many people think Asami is prettier than Korra, but I think Korra is way prettier. She is all natural and looks Mehr unique. Asami is still pretty though. Korra has the best body of all cartoon females with her curves and athletic body. What a great combination!

3) KATARA (Avatar: The Last Airbender)

There is a reason why Katara is voted the most beautiful girl of Avatar and why Aang along with other boys in the Zeigen find her charming. She's absolutely gorgeous! She has beautiful hair, big beautiful blue eyes, and beautiful tan skin. She may be only 14, but she's so pretty! Look at her! She looks beautiful in her water tribe outfit, feuer nation outfit, as the painted lady, oder any other outfit.

2) ESMERALDA (The Hunchback of Notre Dame)

Her exotic beauty has blown me away. I have a thing for exotic beauty. I Liebe how her smaragd green eyes pop with her dark skin. Many people think her eyes are creepy, but I think they are beautiful and there are no other eyes like her's. I Liebe her dark beautiful curls and she's also got a dazzling smile. Not to mention a really nice body.

Number one: *Drumroll*

1) BELLE (Beauty and the Beast)

Now it's no wonder why her name means beauty, her looks have got no parallel.