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RebeccaHoweRP sagte …
Hey, I roleplay Rebecca Howe. Any Cheers roleplayers on here? :) gepostet Vor mehr als einem Jahr
toddgoomer sagte …
In the Ma Maggies Home episode's intro,frasier stumbles on his words alittle bit when he says infinite haha.. gave me a good chuckle, gepostet Vor mehr als einem Jahr
HarryWanderer Kommentiert…
This is one of the produced sitom from the 80s and I’m so proud I’m one of the lucky ones who used to catch this Zeigen that time. The theme of the sitcom is of course to make the entire viewer’s laugh. The humors on every scenes are delivered Von the actors in good sense. Not trying hard but Du can feel the passion of comedy on it that’s why it’s quite addictive. The rating of this Zeigen is not that good at first but NBC still gave it a chance and after a year, this Zeigen garnered a lot of Fans not just a lot but millions of US! That’s why it stayed on Fernsehen for Mehr than a decade! I really enjoyed watching this on primetime and missing it made me decide to purchase a complete DVD collection at - the boxset consists of good quality audio and video and I’m amazed because I can relive all the good and amazing moment from the whole 11 season of this great show! Vor mehr als einem Jahr
toddgoomer sagte …
I Liebe all of Carla's shirts gepostet Vor mehr als einem Jahr