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posted by HaleyDewit
 A magnificent, classy episode.
A magnificent, classy episode.
Pardon My Past
Oh, please do not apologize for an episode as magnificent and classy as this one. I used to hate flashback episodes, but throughout the years I started to like them and now they are definitely one of my Favorit kind of episodes.

The viewer is invited to a party and is almost immediately directed to the two eldest sisters Prue and Piper. Piper finds it hard to have Leo around, but Prue shows us the herz she has. Other than the compassion Prue is Wird angezeigt for Piper’s ex-boyfriend, I Liebe the accessoires both sisters are wearing. I’m talking about the necklaces.
Prue wears...
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posted by flowerdrop
~All Halliwell's Eve Review~

I Liebe the TV Zeigen Charmed. I watched every season as they were aired and have watched them at least five time since. Not only did the sisters wear lovely cloths, they often got to wear costumes!

Of the eight seasons, my Favorit episode is definitely - All Halliwell's Eve, in which the sisters are sent back in time to the Jahr 1670 Von a time vortex on Halloween where they learn about Wicca.
I Liebe that episode because it shows Halloween the way I see it and the way I like to celebrate it.

I very much like there costumes for Halloween.

Phoebe is Elvira,...
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Source: Me and Picnik :D
This video and the poem took me quite some work. I'll write the poem also in a comment, in case Du can't read everything ;)
team paige
i Liebe my team
challenge 12
 Team Phoebe FTMFW!♥♥
Team Phoebe FTMFW!♥♥
Why I Liebe my team?
There’s a lot of reasons, one they’re my teammates and I just have a bond with them. Du work together, fight together, cheer each other up, and talk together. I’ll remember them that’s for sure. I already knew some of the girls, I’d already grown close with them, so they mean a lot to me, yet new girls came into my life and I got to know them, and they turned out awesome. This has been one great experience and I’ve NEVER wanted any other team and couldn’t wish for a better one because I feel like we stick together, and we have team spirit which is important....
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Source: ME! And, let's no forget the ComicStrip iPad app!
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Source: Charmed – Zauberhafte Hexen
posted by KaterinoulaLove
So hello Girls! First of all I'd like to apologize for only finding time now to announce the results, but I've been really Busy , especially lately and to be honest, it has just been slipping my mind.

A few months Vor Du were asked to write a review for a Charmed – Zauberhafte Hexen episode and be one of these reviewers that most producers and show-writers afraid of ! Du were supposed to act adn write like Charmed – Zauberhafte Hexen production for this episode was a total failure.Although Du had to stay neutral even when Du had to criticize the episode SO badly ,being sarcastic oder even mean !

Each and every one of Du made a Great...
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posted by hellokitty987
In season 1,"Dream Sorcerer" was an EPIC FAIL!
Lets start with the killing thing.. If a girl sagte NO to this jackass he would pop in to her dream and kill her..Could the come up with something better.. I mean,really.. o_O
And how could Prue make him "go away" if she had no power in his[her] dream?!
And at the end,everything came up good and perfect.. The guy is dead,Prue is alive and everything is HAPPY.. Except for the "fans" who are shocked with this episode.. Bhhhhh...

by: Team Prue
posted by cudambercam13
When Du actually watch this episode, you'll understand the word play in the Titel for this article.

First off, Prue was turned into a dog. Not just any dog though, a male dog. So it was true, Prue really did carry the balls in the family.

Secondly, when Prue, as a dog, got hit Von a car and the guy took her home, he started drinking. Well at least we know why he didn't see the dog, he was probably drunk. And when Prue woke up at his place he gave her booze. Not very smart on Prue's side. Nice one, turn into a dog, get drunk, THEN attempt to save your sister. She obviously thinks like any other male would, not with your brain.

And to oben, nach oben it all off, the infamous HSM star, sterne Ashley Tisdale guest starred in this episode. I say the Charmed – Zauberhafte Hexen ones should have left her in the hands of the demon so that we wouldn't have to deal with Highschool Musical, but maybe that's just me.
Season 2 could have been a good season if "Ms. Hellfire" wouldn't be on it.. I mean,let's start with the name.. I don't know if it's normal for a person to have a last name "Hellfire" ..
And whats up with the "Prue wanna-be" ? Does someone really wanna be like Prue? Come one people,get a life..!
Don't get me started with the guns.. I mean,i though it was a WITCH show,not "Prison break"
Then there is BARBAS! Great,like this episode could have gone better..
Prue dressed up all "slutty" and she thinks she looks all "Hell-on-fire" ...
So,"Ms. Hellfire" can get in the History of Worst episodes an American TV Zeigen could get!

In short, "Ms. Hellfire" = disaster

Team Prue
 Prue dressed up all slutty and is ready to look up.. i mean hook up..
Prue dressed up all slutty and is ready to look up.. i mean hook up..
Dream Sorcerer? Mehr like Sleep Sorcerer, if Du ask me. The most boring and somnolent episode I have ever experienced. The episode starts with a view at Quake of which the signboard is broken. Maybe great eye catcher for a coffee-house, but not for a restaurant. What kind of name is Quake anyway? It’s like the earth could start shaking while you’re having scallops. Again, not very attractive for a restaurant.

Let’s Bewegen on to Piper. We know Du don’t like to serve people, Piper, but that doesn’t mean Du should put up a face Du can mob the floor with when you’re serving your clients...
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posted by Charming_angel
A ruff episode indeed/
When i think of bad episodes the first one that comes to mind is Look whose barking..

It starts off with Phoebe writting in the Book of Shadows about Cole's human half and putting pictures in it. What relevance does that have for future witches exactly? We all know (even if we just started watching Charmed) that Cole and Phoebe's Liebe story was far from over.

The Weiter Tag we see Phoebe getting a vision about a young innocent in a phonebooth. She immediately assumes it's Cole and summons him. For protection she uses a table. Really? The guy is frickin' Belthazor. Du really...
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When one is going to judge a Charmed – Zauberhafte Hexen episode, one MUST view Ms. Hellfire. What a disaster. Ms. Hellfire starts as an “attempt” on the girls’ life. Bullets? Ms. Hellfire has in her notes that Piper can freeze. Modern Tag man’s weapons are not going to dichtung the deal here people! It’s like trying to throw a live bumblebee at someone and expecting a sting. Plus Ms. Hellfire? If I was going to pick a visible alias I’d pick something a little more, I don’t know… Discrete and non-hookerish? (85) And please do not get me started on Bane. Self-serving, self-righteous megalomaniac. What’s not to hate? Certainly not being Barbas’ sycophant. Barbas certainly picked the lowest of the low here. Bane couldn’t even complete the objective, choosing to smooch on her instead. Bad story writing, bad plot twists, bad characters… Bad expo.

Written by: Katie aka Disgusted Von Charmed
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It was a Monday morning.No wait.When Phoebe wakes up we call it afternoon.Today nothing was to break down this rule xD..
Prue enters Phoebe's bedroom sightly worried of her last night nightmare..Once she's in Phoebe starts screaming... [no team]

Prue jumped a meter high when she heard the high pitched noise coming out of Phoebe's mouth. [Team Phoebe]

Phoebe was shocked, it seems like Prue's voice was completly messed up and everything that came out of there sound like grunts. [Team Piper]

''OMG!! Are Du turning into a pig??'', she asks quite loudly while trying to calm down. [Team Phoebe]

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