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Cas woke up with a fuzzy feeling in his stomach. He sat up and rubbed his eyes and when he looked down he caught a glimpse of his chest.
Wait, where did the Tattoos go?
He turned around and looked down upon his own, sleeping body. With a shock he jumped out of bett and walked to the mirror in the bathroom. Speechless he gazed at his reflection. Only it wasn’t his reflection, it was Dean’s. Somehow they had switched bodies and though Cas would Liebe to know how one could accomplish such activity, he decided not to waste any time.
He rushed in his clothes and left the motel room. He had taken...
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Dean, Sam and Meg were sitting in a diner. Meg was having fries, Sam was having a salat and Dean was having a cheeseburger. oder at least there was a cheeseburger lying before him, begging to be eaten, but Dean merely pricked it with his finger.
“What are Du thinking about?” Sam decided to break the ice.
Dean put the burger down, figuring he wouldn’t be able to eat anyway.
“Cas” he answered honest.
Sam and Meg exchanged looks.
“Yeah” Sam Kommentiert slowly. “I still can’t believe he tried to kill you”
“He only threatened to kill me, because Du chose a demon whore over your...
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Cas and Meg’s mansion.
It was ten o’clock in the evening and Maryana, the witch was back. Anna had informed her that the coast was clear. Sam, Meg and Dean were not going Home just yet.
She conjured a white chalk and marked a kreis of average size. Then she put candles inside the circle, surrounding it completely. She lit the candles with her mind and then took a bowl and a bag with herbs. She pulled out the herbs one Von one and crushed them on the bottom of the bowl, while chanting a Latin incantation.
She put the bowl down and conjured a picture. Cas and Dean were both on it, but there...
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A taxi stopped in front of the motel and Cas walked toward the window. He moved the curtains and looked outside. Sam and Meg were getting out of the car and walking up the front porch.
“They’re here” Cas sagte a little nervous as he walked back to Dean.
Sam lifted his fist to knock, when Meg stopped him. “The element of surprise, remember?” Sam nodded and kicked the door open. Dean was tied onto a chair and he appeared to be alone. Sam ran to him and started to untie him, when Cas grabbed Meg from behind.
“Keep doing what you’re doing and I will break her neck” Cas threatened...
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Meg was back Home and she had told Sam what happened.
“So, it’s official, then. They’re together” Sam asked for confirmation. Meg shrugged. “I’m going to try and call him again” Sam sagte resolute.
“You’ve been trying to call him for the last twenty minutes. What makes Du think he’ll pick up now?” Meg snapped bitter. “They’re probably too busy banging each other”
Sam tried anyway.
Cas tied Dean onto a chair. They were in a motel.
“Your phone keeps ringing” Cas snarled annoyed. He pulled Dean’s phone out of Dean’s pocket and looked at the screen. “Sam…Just...
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“Put your clothes on” Dean said.
“Why? What are we going to do?” Cas asked suspicious.
“You shouldn’t spend your last Tag of freedom in a hospital room” Dean explained. He conjured his keys and waved them. “Let’s go for a ride”
“Now we’re talking” Cas smiled and he put on his clothes.
Five Minuten later they were outside, with the Impala. Cas walked to the passenger seat.
“Hey, Cas” Dean called and Cas looked up. “Catch” Dean sagte and he tossed the keys at Cas. Cas caught them with one hand and walked around the car. He got in and so did Dean, but before the latter...
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Sam was back home. He had gegeben his statement to the police and they had no reason to Frage it. Anna was there, too and she wasn’t alone. She had brought a woman with her.
“Sam, this is Maryana, she’s a witch” Anna introduced the woman. Sam squeezed his eyes in suspicion.
“You brought a witch here?” Sam exclaimed. “You know we can’t trust them. They’re selfish”
“I’m standing right here, Du know” Maryana pointed out.
“I know it’s risky” Anna started to explain. “But right now I think it’s the only option we have. Cas has gone completely off the rails and...
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“Dean, wait!” Cas called agitated. “It’s not what Du think. I can explain it”
Dean widened his eyes. “I’m waiting” he Kommentiert trembling.
“He sagte he was going to take me to prison” Cas started, shaking himself. “But I know he can’t do that. He has to follow strict orders from his superiors. So…I knew he was going to take me somewhere else and probably waste me…I had no choice, it was him oder me…Dean, Du have to believe me”
Dean relaxed. “Of course I believe you” he sighed and walked back to Cas. He took his hands and saw the cuffs had cut Cas’ wrists....
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An Stunde and a half later Dean stood up.
“Where are Du going?” Cas slightly panicked.
“Relax, I’m just going to stretch my legs” Dean reassured him. He turned around when Cas gripped his arm.
“Don’t leave me here with him” Cas almost ordered Dean. Dean felt Cas fingers dig in his skin and though he would never admit it, it hurt like hell.
“I’ll be right outside” Dean promised sharp.
Cas let go of him slowly and Dean walked quickly out of the room. He conjured his phone and dialed Sam’s number.
Cas looked at the guard. “I’m ready to go now” he sagte cold.
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“We should talk about what happened yesterday” Dean sagte hoarse.
“I’m not sorry” Cas replied convincing.
“Neither am I” Dean sighed relieved. “But I have to admit that Du took me Von surprise. I didn’t see it coming. Besides, I thought Du loved Meg”     
Cas looked away and gazed through the window.
“Meg betrayed me. Du were right about her. I should’ve listened to you” he admitted softly. He looked back at Dean. “I think one of the reasons I’ve been Schauspielen so…reckless…is because I didn’t know how to act on my feelings for you. Especially...
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The Weiter morning.
Cas was sitting up, a bandage wrapped around his chest. The door opened and Dean walked in. The guard wanted to close the door again, when Cas called him.
“Sir, would Du mind staying here? I’m worried about my safety” he said. “The intention is to keep me from going anywhere. Best way of doing that is to stay here, so I don’t climb a window oder something”
The guard went standing Weiter to the door, his arms crossed.
Dean pulled a chair and sat Weiter to the bed. “How are Du feeling?”
“I’m still hurting a little” Cas admitted.
“Can Du tell me what happened?”...
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Dean was wandering through the aisles of the police station. He had no idea where to find Cas, but fortunately a helpful police officer walked his direction.
“What are Du doing here? Du can’t just walk around here” he sagte a little mad.
“Yeah, I’m looking for Castiel Novak. They sagte it was okay, but now I’m kind of lost” Dean explained.
The officer sighed. “Actually Castiel Novak isn’t allowed to have prisoners” he started. “But since he’s being transferred tomorrow morning, I suppose it can’t hurt”
The officer explained where Cas’ cell was. “Usually we bring...
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“Please tell me Du didn’t kill them” Sam said, knowing better.
“I wish” Meg mumbled in reply. “I was still a demon when I killed Paul and he was working on Cas’ case, so I had to do something. And Heather had sex with Cas. Well, actually it’s the other way around”
“You killed Heather because Cas was banging her and Du turned Cas in because he kissed Dean. I would say you’re jealous” Sam noted, with a whiff of guilty pleasure.
Someone banged the door. “Meg Masters, come outside oder we will come in”
“You have to go” Sam sagte quickly and he pulled Meg up. “Okay,...
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Meg was pacing up and down the living. Sam had been trying to reach Dean, but without success. He didn’t get it. Half an Stunde Vor Dean had insisted that they would have to turn Cas in. It would break their hearts, but they had no other choice. Sure, they had killed as well, but those were monsters. Cas was simply a murderer.
“I still can’t believe Dean kissed Cas” he said, still a little perplex. “I mean, I know they have a…more profound bond, but I never thought of it like that”
Meg stopped pacing and turned to Sam. “Do Du mind? I’m trying to erase that image from my memory”...
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Cas was sitting in one of the hearing rooms at the police station. There some pictures laying across the table.
“Do Du recognize any of these people, Mr. Novak?” inspector Anderson asked. Cas glanced fleeting at the pictures.
“Nope, never saw any of those poor, poor dead people” he replied careless.
Inspector Anderson shoved a picture towards Cas. “You should take another look” Cas picked up the picture of Heather unwillingly. “According to your medical files Du once had a serious overdose of heroin, which turned Du extremely violent to yourself. Du see those needles? Those...
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Sam, Dean and Meg watched the cops take Cas away, who went with them willingly. Too willingly. As soon as the door shut behind them, Dean turned to Meg.
“You called the cops?” he exclaimed. “Have Du Lost your mind?”
“No” Meg shrugged. “Cas is a serial killer. He needs to be put behind bars. I made the right call, no pun intended”
Dean conjured his phone and dialed a number.
‘The number you’re trying to reach is currently unavailable’
“Damn it” Dean cursed.
“What?” Sam asked.
“I’m trying to reach that female inspector” Dean explained.
“Who? Inspector Roberts?”...
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For a few Sekunden Dean stared at Sam and Sam stared back, so neither of them saw how Cas was enjoying this. Dean turned around quickly and ran outside. Sam followed him and saw him leaning against the Impala.
“Would Du mind explaining what that was?” Sam asked, still a little shocked.
“Actually, I do mind” Dean snapped in response.
“So, what, Du have feelings for Cas?” Sam asked confused.
“What? No!” Dean replied defensive. “I don’t know”
Meg walked past Cas to the telephone.
“Meg, it’s not what Du think” Cas tried to talk himself out of it. “It’s Dean. He kissed...
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Sam knocked Meg’s bedroom door and opened it slowly. Meg was sitting on the bett in Indian style, a blue bag of M&M’s in her lap.
“Can I come in?” Sam asked careful. Meg shrugged and Sam closed the door. “That was…pretty intense”
Meg swallowed a handful of colored Süßigkeiten in response.
“I wouldn’t take it personal” Sam continued as he sat on the bed. “I think he’s freaking out, because we found out he has his powers back. Dean’s with him now. If there’s anyone who can talk some sense into Cas, it’s my big brother”
“Thank you, that makes me feel a lot better”...
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Cas sank down in Indian style and reached out to the flames, which didn’t seem to affect him at all.
“I’ll go see how Meg’s doing” Sam sagte softly and he left Dean alone with Cas.
“Alone at last” Cas smiled slowly.
“Why did Du do it Cas? Why did Du kill so many people?” Dean asked hurt.
Cas looked down and played with his fingers. “I didn’t” he mumbled defensive. “I told Meg I was going to kill them all, to impress her, to sound like a bad guy. But she never actually saw me kill anyone. Okay, I killed those three men. But, Dean,…they raped me. Du can’t possibly...
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“This is ridiculous” Cas sagte snarky.
“Really? Then why do Du keep standing there?” Dean asked.
“Because there’s feuer around me” Cas exclaimed frustrated.
“If you’re not an angel, Du can just step out of the circle” Sam replied simple. “Just be a man, Cas, and step out of the circle”
Cas turned to Meg, who looked back fierce. “You’re going to be sorry for this” he hissed.
“Maybe Du can add my name on that stupid list” Meg snapped back.
“And maybe Du can crawl back into the hole Du came from, Du mentally challenged slut!” Cas yelled and his eyes glowed...
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