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Cas was sitting in one of the hearing rooms at the police station. There some pictures laying across the table.
“Do Du recognize any of these people, Mr. Novak?” inspector Anderson asked. Cas glanced fleeting at the pictures.
“Nope, never saw any of those poor, poor dead people” he replied careless.
Inspector Anderson shoved a picture towards Cas. “You should take another look” Cas picked up the picture of Heather unwillingly. “According to your medical files Du once had a serious overdose of heroin, which turned Du extremely violent to yourself. Du see those needles? Those are heroin syringes”
Cas moved on his seat.
“I didn’t kill her” he said.
Inspector Anderson pushed three other pictures vorwärts-, nach vorn and Cas recognized the mutilated bodies of Gary, Marcus and Frederik.
“At least fifteen people saw Du provoking these three men on the night they were murdered” he said.
Cas swallowed. “They deserved it” he replied trembling.
“Why? Why did they deserve it?” inspector Anderson asked calm.
“They all deserved to die” Cas mumbled, shutting inspector Anderson out. He stood and started ripping the pictures. The guard at the door hurried to Cas to make him stop, but Anderson stuck out his hand.
“Let him”
Cas threw the particles on the floor and sat down again, breathing heavy.
“Do Du feel better now?”
Cas shook his head.
“Are Du sure they all deserved to die?” Inspector Anderson asked careful. “Heather almost got Du killed, Mrs. Jones gave the judge a false statement, which could’ve resulted in your conviction. But those people Du killed tonight. What have they done wrong?”
“Nothing” Cas mumbled. “That’s just it. They didn’t do anything. I needed help, but they wouldn’t even flinch”
“And those three men? Why did Du maim them like that?” inspector Anderson continued. “Why did they deserve to die?”
Cas pulled up his knees and started rocking.
“I had a few people answering some Frage and apparently Frederik Gyles has been boasting about how he made sure you’d get punished for what Du did to Alexia Moore…They raped you, didn’t they?”
“If you’re trying to play good cop, where’s your bad cop?” Cas avoided the question.
“You killed her” Anderson replied.
“She shot my girlfriend” Cas commented.
“Who’s your girlfriend?”
“Meg Masters” Cas answered sad. “I killed Isabel for her and she stabs me in the back”
“Do Du know where we can find Miss Masters?”
“She’s probably home, where I was arrested. Why?” Cas asked, Mehr curious than concerned.
“Because Meg Masters is our prime suspect in the murder on inspector Paul Morgan” inspector Anderson replied.
“I don’t know if that’s true, but I know for a fact that she did kill Heather. I saw it with my own eyes” Cas spilled.
It was evening in Colorado, but Alexia was still wide awake. Her grandparents were gone to bett and her mother was making coco for the two of them. Normally Alexia should be in bett Von now and the way her mother had been Schauspielen so nice, too nice, alarmed the four Jahr old.
Zoey turned around and put the two hot cups of coco on the table.
“Mommy, what is going on?” Alexia asked serious.
Zoey sipped from her coco. Then she looked up.
“You know that uncle Emmanuel was on the news this morning” she said.
“Yeah, but they called him Castiel” Alexia recalled the morning news.
“That’s because...
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Back in Hell, Cas could barely keep his eyes open, but each time he was about to lose conscious the demon made another cut in his already mutilated upper body.
While the demon enjoyed his assignment Meg tried to free herself. Her wrists were pierced with hooks and they hurt terribly, but she figured if Cas could handle her pain and his own, she would be able to get through this.
“You’re so awfully quiet, Cassie” the demon said. “Why so asocial?”
The demon pierced the sword in Cas’ side, looking provocative at the angel. “Come on, scream oder cry, I don’t care”
Cas looked up with...
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revolves around Dean, Sam and Cas, and how all hope for them seems to be going down the crapper; that no matter what they try to do to fix the situation, they're always knocked back Von something, so.... [ANGST WARNING]
Misha Collins
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Musik video
Dean Winchester
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All important info is in the end of the vid.... Grainy scenes=flashbacks Clear scenes=present The story of Castiel and Anna's breakup
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Dean carried Cas to the entrance, where Zoey blocked their way.
“You’re not going anywhere” she said.
“Right, because you’re going to stop me” Dean sagte sarcastic. He pushed Zoey away and walked further to the entrance.
Zoey jumped his back. She tugged his hair and scratched his face.
Dean lay Cas down as careful as possible. He grabbed Zoey’s hair and pulled her off. He smacked her on the ground and kicked her wherever he could.
“I think you’re losing your Angel – Jäger der Finsternis juju” Dean said.
Zoey crawled towards Cas. She grabbed his halsband, kragen and dragged him away, closer to the edge of the holy circle.
“What are Du doing?” Dean asked scared.
He got his answer as Zoey emptied a few bottled of alcohol she had kept their in stock. She conjured a lighter and smiled evil at Dean.
“No!” Dean shouted, but Zoey dropped the lighter and caused another fire.
Cas’ eyes flashed open and his chest went up and down. He was tied onto a chair and he felt a sharp pain in both his hands. He looked down at his shirt, which was soaked in blood. He moved his arms and the pain in his hands became worse. He looked over his shoulder and saw how an Angel – Jäger der Finsternis sword pinched his hands together. He heard footsteps and tried to free himself.
“You’re awake” Zoey sagte breathless. She was carrying a plate with food. “Good”
“You killed all those people” Cas sagte trembling. “Why?”
Zoey sighed. “Do we have to talk about that?” She lifted the plate. “Look,...
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Meg sat on her knees, outside the police station. With her right hand she held her stomach and with her left she tried to pull herself up on the wall. She closed her eyes and focused.
Meg opened her eyes and saw Sam walking in her direction. He helped her up, while Dean frowned.
“How did Du get out?” he wanted to know.
Sam helped Meg to the couch, but she refused to lie down. She groaned from the pain.
“What is wrong with you?” Dean asked.
“Daphne attacked me” Meg sagte difficult. “My stomach hurts, my hands hurt”
“Cas’ ex attacked you, why?” Sam asked surprised.
“It’s not her fault” Meg said. “Zoey manipulated her. Where’s Cas?”
Sam looked at Dean, who scratched his head.
“Please, tell me Du know where he is” Meg sagte weak.
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