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Die Fanauswahl: 1 ~ Naruto/Shippuden
Die Fanauswahl: South Korea
Die Fanauswahl: I can start up any type of conversation with anyone nearly effortlessly
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candylover246 sagte …
Literally the only time i was ever close on befriending someone my age was 2 years Vor where this one girl /surprisingly/ took a liking to me and talked to me after school each day. At first i was a suspicious but then figured she was probably being genuine and started being Mehr easy-going around her. So one Tag she asked me something about whether i'd trust a guy enough to walk me Home and i sagte "the only man i trust is Dr. Phil"

She never talked to me again afterwards.. gepostet vor 7 Monaten
SilentForce Kommentiert…
lmfao vor 7 Monaten
Seanthehedgehog Kommentiert…
Why Dr. Phil? vor 7 Monaten
candylover246 Kommentiert…
Nah. It just means Du probably have the same horrible sense of humor as I do. vor 7 Monaten
candylover246 sagte …
i've been on this fcking site for 3 years now what have i been doing with my life gepostet vor 7 Monaten
candylover246 sagte …
Honestly, alien memes are all that matter in life. gepostet vor 7 Monaten
candylover246 Kommentiert…
Alien memes AND Gaara. vor 7 Monaten
SilentForce Kommentiert…
and Mob Pyscho 100 XD vor 7 Monaten
candylover246 Kommentiert…
tru vor 7 Monaten