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cupcake2456 posted on Aug 04, 2012 at 11:00PM
Hello candy lovers!I am making a contest every ten days on this club!If you win,you get 60 props,get to answer questions that I ask you,and I will fan you!

This is how you win:I am making this contest every ten days only.This week's question is your favorite candy.When you put your answer on the bottom,I will put your guy's answer in a poll.The people will get to vote.Then if you win,I will go to your profile and give you 60 props and fan you!Then I will send you a message that tells you that you won.I will ask you questions like what is your least favorite candy.I will send you a message with all the questions and when you answer,I will post your answers on the forum.You will only get to put your answer in three days.On the other four days,I will post your answers on the poll.The people will get to vote for five days.Then when it is over,I will send you a message that you won.When five days pass and you cant post your choice,I will say,"Sorry!No more sign ups!"

The question is below.Good luck!P.S,When you put your answer,please put your name!

What is your favorite candy?
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Vor mehr als einem Jahr cupcake2456 said…
Example P.S,You can only post one answer!
Favorite candy:Twix