This is a Liste of 42 candys and some information!Enjoy!

1.)Snickers: Snickers is a Schokolade bar with caramel,peanuts,and Schokolade covered.They have a very big king size.

2.)Twizzlers:Twizzlers is liqourice that has four flavors.Red,orange,yellow,and black.There is also another liqourice brand that is called Red Vines.

3.)Tootsie Pop:Tootsie Pop is a lolipop that has karamell inside of it.It has five flavors.Dark red,blue,orange,brown,and red.

4.)Hersheys:Hersheys is a Schokolade that Du can break into little pieces and share.There is a king size.There are two other flavors.Cookies'n'Creme and Almond.Cookies'n'creme is very good.It has white cream with little bits of Schokolade inside.Almond Hersheys has almonds inside.

5.)Gummy Bears:Gummy Bears are some squishy bears of many flavors.They are Chew.They make alot Mehr chewy Süßigkeiten instead of Gumy Bears.Like Gummy Worms and a lot of other Zufällig things.Haribo,Trolli,and Black Forest is one of their brands.

6.)Gum:Gum is a Süßigkeiten that Du chew on.They made many flavors like regular,mint,bluberry,watermelon,cherry,green apple,orange,banana,and many more.Some of the Gum brands are Wrigley's,Trident,and Extra.

7.)Starburst:Starburst is a hard chewy Süßigkeiten that has a flavor that is called tropical fruit.The flavors are cherry,lemon,orange,grape,and some tropical Obst flavors.

8.)Dum Dum Pops:Dum Dum Pops are lollipops that are small.If Du collect the wrappers,you get a prize off the internet.The flavors are watermelon,blueberry,banana split,chocolate,root beer,cotton candy,grape,peach,orange,tangerine,cherry,and blue rasberry.

9.)Reeses:Reeses is round Schokolade bar that has erdnuss butter.They also made Reeses Pieces.They are little pieces of Reeses and the Farben are yellow,orange,and brown.

10.)Butterfinger:Butterfinger is a Schokolade bar that has erdnuss butter and cookies.It is very good.It might also have butter because that is part of the name!

11.)Sour Patch Kids:Sour Patch Kids is a Süßigkeiten that has sauer, saure sprinkles covered in them.They also made watermelons and many Mehr flavors!The commercials are very funny!

12.)Candy Canes:Candy Canes are small canes that are peppermint.They are best eaten in Christmas.They are placed in stockings too!

13.)Air Heads:Air Heads is a Süßigkeiten that is long and chewy.The flavors are blue rasberry,cherry,and mystery flavor.

14.)Tootsie Rolls:Tootsie Rolls are small rolls of taffy.The flavors are orange,cherry,lemon,green apple,and vanilla.The people who made Tootsie Rolls made Tootsie Pops.There is also another flavor of Tootsie Rolls.It is Schokolade and it is longer than the other ones.

15.)Kit Kat:Kit Kat is a Schokolade that has cookie inside of it.There are two pieces in one.They also made an annoying commercial that has people trying to make us jealous Von crunching very hard.And they get paid to do that?!I hate those commercials.

16.)Lemon Heads:Lemon Heads are sauer, saure jawbreakers that are yellow.They also made zitrone Head and friends.It has about five Mehr flavors.

17.)Bazooka Joe:Bazooka Joe is gum that has a small comic inside of it that Du can read.You can also go online and win prizes.They made lollipops too.

18.)Jolly Rancher:Jolly Rancher is a small Süßigkeiten that Du chew on.The flavors are cherry,watermelon,green apple,grape,and blue rasberry.They made new ones that are crunchy on the inside and chewy on the outside.

19.)Laffy Taffy:Laffy Taffy is Taffy that has many flavors.They have a joke on the wrapper.The flavors are green apple,strawberry,banana,and cherry.

20.)Smarties:Smarties are small circles that Du bite on.All of the flavors taste the same.They really didn't make any flavors.

21.)Twix:Twix is a Schokolade that has karamell and kekse, cookies in it.They sell two for one dollar.They also made erdnuss butter twix.

22.)Ring Pop:Ring Pop is a ring that has a diamond that is made of lollipop.They have two flavors.Blueberry and cherry.

23.)Fun Dip:Fun Dip is a Süßigkeiten packet that has powder inside the packet and has a vanilla stick.The flavors are green apfel, apple blue rasberry and kirsche strawberry.

24.)Nerds:Nerds are very small circles that are in a box.There are two flavors.Strawberry and Grape.They also made a chewy stick with Nerds all over them.

25.)Lifesavers:Lifesavers are small kreis gummies that are in different flavors.They also made lollipops of Lifesavers.

28.)Jelly Belly:Jelly Belly are gelee beans of Zufällig flavors like pepsi,sunkist,peach,blueberry,cherry,grape,lemon,green apple,orange,dr.pepper,cotton candy,bubble gum,and more.

29.)Baby Ruth:Baby Ruth is achocolate with Peanuts and karamell inside.They are a Nestle product.

30.)Almond Joy:Almond Joy is a Schokolade that has coconut and almonds inside of it.They also made dark Schokolade without almonds.

31.)M&M's:M&M's are small colorful circles that is chocolate.They also made erdnuss M&M's and mini M&M's.

32.)Crunch:Crunch is a Schokolade that has small reis crisps inside.It is a nestle product.

33.)Milky Way:Milky Way is a Schokolade that has karamell inside of it.They always use that Schokolade in easter.

34.)Mike&Ike:Mike&Ike is a chewy Süßigkeiten that is Obst flavored.They are a little bit like gummy bears.

35.)Pop Rocks:Pop Rocks is a hard Süßigkeiten in small dots that pop in your mouth.They are very hardcore!

36.)Pez:Pez is a small Süßigkeiten that has a dispenser on it.They made alot of different characters and flavors.Like Hello kitty and ice age.

37.)The Three Musketeers:The Three Musketeers is a Schokolade that is fluffy whipped.They also made mint flavors.

38.)Dove:Dove is plain dark chocolate.It is very small too.

39.)Rock Candy:Rock Süßigkeiten is a lollipop that looks like a rock but it is not.They are different Farben and look like diamonds.

40.)Dots:Dots are small gum drops in four colors.Pink,red,yellow,and green.

41.)Sno-Caps:Sno-Caps are small chocolates that Du can eat.They are also made to be put on gingerbread man on holidays.

42.)Skittles:Skittles are like M&M's in a way except for the flavors.They also made real sauer, saure ones.

Those were all of the candys I can think of!If Du like this article,fan me.You dont have to.