once there was a 9 Jahr old girl named,Sandra.Sandra loved,LOVED,LOVED!Candy!She ate Süßigkeiten every day!Sandra had brown,long hair.Short Nails.And had one little brother,Matthew.And a mom.
"MOM!I'm Home from school!"Sandra yelled."OKAY!"Her mother responded."Can I eat a Smackers Bar?"Smackers bar we're a Schokolade bar with nuts,peanut butter,and caramel."NOT 'TIL Du EAT YOUR abendessen LATER!!!"Mom's voice cut throw the air.
"Grrrr!!!!!!!!!"I moaned.I went in my room and got out my "emergency" stash of candy,A.K.A,Thirteen Smackers bars,Fifteen Tootsie rolls,And sixty five pieces of gum!I gobbled down three tootsie rolls."Man!I gotta go to the Süßigkeiten Shop tomorrow!"I sagte as I went through my money.Okay,Twenty bucks from chores,eighty bucks from birthday money,And twenty bucks from the limonade stand."So that equals.....one hundred twenty bucks!So that means...Sixteen Smackers bars,Thirty Six Tootsie rolls,Sixty Five Gumballs,And 3 packs of gummy bears!"I ran to the living room and saw my brother and mom were putting up the Weihnachten Tree."Mom,Tomorrow the buses are gonna be a little late,Okay?"I asked my mom."Gosh!I hate when they do that!Okay but run home!!!And help put up the Süßigkeiten Canes!"Mom demanded."Okay!!"I put five Süßigkeiten canes on the right."Put some over here!!!!"Matthew said."Hey!My job to put up Süßigkeiten canes,Your job to put up Ornaments!!!"I protested.