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"Let it be known. My original reason posting a spoof of Cupcakes. Is to tell people to STOP taking it so damn seriously. To STOP hating on Pinkie. And STOP claiming it's so scaring. It's not even scary. And in my story, I Zeigen how things COULD of gone.."

Our story begins when the young mare regenbogen Dash, came into SugerCube Corners, as she promised to spend time with the 'seemingly' innocent and adorable, Pinkie Pie (who is actually now turned into the far less innocent, but somewhat adorable, Pinkamena)..

RAINBOW: Hello? Pinkie? I'm here.

PINKAMENA: *voice is heard from within the dark kitchen, but the mare herself, isn't seen* Rainbow! Du made it!

RAINBOW: Sorry I'm late.

PINKAMENA: *Still not seen yet* Oh that's ok, you're here now. What's a few Mehr minutes., I've been sooooo excited thinking about all fun stuff we're gonna do, I haven't stopped bouncing since I woke up. I mean, I almost forgot to breath I've been so happy.

RAINBOW: *Slightly uncomfortable chuckle*

PINKAMENA: Du ready to hear my plan than?

RAINBOW: As long as it has nothing to do with your obsession of Buffalo Bill and Leathureface

PINKAMENA: Oh don't worry.. *finally reveals herself, but wearing the dress, supposedly made out of victims* This is NOTHING to do with them.

RAINBOW: *excitedly* Than whats the plan? Are we gonna prank somepony? Cause I got plenty of fun ideas.

PINKAMENA: Better then that.. I got an idea alright. An idea that would forever change the ways most bronies would see me, even though its somewhat annoying to realize it caused so much haters, when its just a silly Creepypasta idea, that will clearly never happen, and isn't even as scary as everyone claims.

RAINBOW: And whats that?

PINKAMENA: *hopping excitedly* Making Cupcakes.

RAINBOW: Cupcakes?


RAINBOW: But Pinkie. I don't do baking. Remember last time..

PINKAMENA: But Dashie, I need ya. Your the special ingredient.

RAINBOW: What do Du mean Von that?

PINKAMENA: *nervously* Nothing.

RAINBOW: Fine.. What excatly do Du need me to do?

PINKAMENA: That's the spirit. *hands her an, already prepared, cupcake* Eat this.

RAINBOW: What? I thought I was helping Du bake?

PINKAMENA: Think of it as a.. Tester.. Ya, let's go with that.

RAINBOW: Umm, okay. *takes cupcake*

PINKAMENA: Well? Eat it silly filly. Whatcha waiting for?

RAINBOW: *about to take bite, but than stops*

PINKAMENA: *secretly losing patience* What's wrong?

RAINBOW: This... This has WAY to strong a smell for a cupcake.. Pinkie. Did Du spill sleep drugs on it oder something?

PINKAMENA: *nervously* No, no, no.. Of coarse not.

RAINBOW: Prove it. Bite it.

PINKAMENA: Umm, okay.. *bites it* Du see, it's fi- (falls asleep).


Pinkamena suddenly woken up, and realized how badly she messed up.

PINKAMENA: That's the last time I lesson to you! *reveals that she was talking to Twilight's smartypants doll*

*Sudden voice* Hello? Mrs Pinkie? Du in here!

PINKAMENA: Of coarse.. AppleBloom promised to meet me.. *evil grin* I still can use my 'other' plan.

Pinkamena ran over to the entrance of SugerCube's and met up with the cute little filly.

APPLEBLOOM: What is it Du need from me?

PINKAMENA: *reveals the cupcake she tired giving Rainbow* Well, firstly.. Can Du finish this for me. I'm stuffed.

APPLEBLOOM: What flavor is it?

PINKAMENA: What is your favorite?


PINKAMENA: Than that's what flavor it is.

APPLEBLOOM: Okay. *gobbles it up* Soo.. What now?

PINKAMENA: Now... Du sleep. *With that the unlucky filly soon felt very weak and clasped into a heavy sleep*.

When AppleBloom finally woke up. She found herself inside a very unpleasent looking room.
The room was decorated with a typical but twisted Pinkie Pie flair. Colorful streamers of dried entrails danced around the ceiling, brightly painted skulls of all sizes were stuck on the walls, and organs done up in pastels filled with helium tied to the backs of chairs. The tables and chairs were made of Bones and flesh of past ponies. Her eyes darted back and forth and then gazed up at the patchwork banner hanging from the rafters. Made from several pony hides, the words "Life is a party" were scrawled in red.

And if that weren't bad enough AppleBloom realized her hooves were chained against the wall.

APPLEBLOOM: Oh sweet Celestia.. Were the hell am I!?

PINKAMENA: *evilly* This is were I make my Cupcakes.

APPLEBLOOM: Du mean... No! I don't want to be a cupcake!

PINKAMENA: Relax... Du not going to be.. Du were always my favorite.. Your too good to be a cupcake.. Only reason I still chained Du up, is so Du don't run away, before I can make Du 'join me'.

APPLEBLOOM: Noo! I don't wanna! I'm not being a part of this!

PINKAMENA: Ya, Du say that 'now', but trust me, Du have it in ya. And I know JUST how to bring it out of Du *Brings in a dead body, and cut up particaler parts, while giving twisted jokes about it.. How ever, after an Stunde of this prograss, AppleBloom, must of Lost of her mind, as those jokes suddenly seemed funny, very very funny*.

APPLEBLOOM: I think I am starting to get it know. *becoming Mehr evil*.

PINKAMENA: Well than, only one Mehr step..


PINKAMENA: *pulls over tv* Du must watch Silence of the Lambs until Du can behave like Hanibal Lector.

APPLEBLOOM: I'll do my best.


Silver Spoon suddenly woke up. She was on her back and couldn't move. She couldn't see. Where was she? Freaking out, she was just about to scream when the pony from the bakery appeared in front of her.

SILVER SPOON: Whats going on!?

PINKAMENA: Well, its just.. Your number came up.. And.. I gotta make cupcakes!

SILVER SPOON: What dose that mean!?

PINKAMENA: *picks up huge knife* Your about to find out, *about to stab the filly.

APPLEBLOOM: Mrs Pinkie! What are Du doing!?

Silver Spoon feels relief.

APPLEBLOOM: Du sagte I could have this one.

Silver Spoon's relief instantly vanishes.

PINKAMENA: Oh, of coarse, I must of forgot.. *Hands AppleBloom the knife*.

APPLEBOOM: Okay dokey here we go.. *points messer at Silver Spoon, menacingly* Hey Silver Spoon.. Guess who's gonna be a blank flank!

Silver Spoon panicked and tired as much as possible to break free but couldn't.

APPLEBLOOM: *running over* I've come to collect a head! Hawhawhaw! *but suddenly AppleBloom tripped, and accidentally pushed the release button on the ground*

Silver Spoon, didn't hesitate to run as fast as her little legs could take her.

PINKAMENA: Grab her!

She and AppleBloom chase her, but Silver Spoon soon escapes.


APPLEBLOOM: *ashamed* Sorry, Mrs Pinkie.

PINKIE: It's alright.. Du wouldn't be the only one to mess up some how.. Anyway.. Want to hang out oder something?

APPLEBLOOM: *happily* Sure!

Story 2:

regenbogen FACTORY:

"I have no hidden message to be proven from this. So it's Mehr adult themed"

SCOOTALOO: *Who is in her late teen's now* Come on! Orion! We're be late for our final test!

Orion gave no response as he followed her, just gulped to himself.

SCOOTALOO: What's the matter, Orion? Du afraid of getting a dead end job on the snow line?

ORION: No.. It's just... I don't know. I don't think I can do this. What if I fail? What if I don't fail, but do just bad enough to still be disliked Von everyone? I don't know if I can take being deported. Where do we even go, anyways?

SCOOTALOO: *gives friendly punch* That will never happen, we will NEVER fail..



AURORA: *upsetly* Would Du stop fuckin reminding me!

SCOOTALOO: But I just don't understand.. We did directly what Derpy said.

AURORA: Well Derpy should go back to eating muffins, cause that was the WORST Guter Rat we were ever given.


Scootaloo and her two Friends were forced into a mysterious carriage.

SCOTALOO: I still can't believe we failed! And even Mehr can't believe how angry Dashie was.


regenbogen angry flies over to Scotaloo after learning she failed the test.

RD: *intimidating the * What did I tell y'all about failing that TEST!


ORION: Oh come on.. I'm sure she'll get over it. It's regenbogen Dash we're talking about here. She'll ALWAYS Liebe you..

SCOTALOO: I guess.

ORION: She IS your Sekunde mother after all.

SCOTALOO: True, true.

UNNAMED DRIVER: *rudely* Would Du three shut the hell up already!

SCOTALOO: *angrily stands up* Just cause we failed that stupid test, dosen't mean Du could treat us as shit!

UNNAMED DRIVER: I can treat Du however I want. Du hardly classify as 'Ponies' to Cloudsdale, oder any of Equestria for that matter. Now sit the fuck down and shut up until Du get to your destination.

Scotaloo, feeling hurt Von this, sits down quitely.

ORION: Where are we being taken, anyways? Not like we can tell anyone now, and I'm sure as the deliverers, Du guys should know

UNNAMED DRIVER: Hell if I know. We hand this carriage off to ponies in suits, and we get a bagful of coins to keep quiet about the whole thing. It's how it's always been, for a thousand years.

AURORA: *gulping* That's about as comforting as worms in a beizen, pickle jar..

SCOTALOO: Ya, th-.. Wait.. Worms in a beizen, pickle jar?

AURORA: What of it?

SCOTALOO: That's the weirdest thing I ever heard in my life.

UNNAMED DRIVER: I'll have to agree with your orange friend on that one.

ORION: Ya.. Who says that!?

AURORA: I don't know.. It just came to mind, okay.


AURORA: I really like pickles... Plus I actually saw such a thing once.

ORION: Serious?

AURORA: I opened the fridge, grabbed the pickles. And their they were, floating around. Like nobodies business.

UNNAMED GUARD: How the fuck would they even get in their!?

SCOTALOO: She lives in a fishing place. Shit like that happens quite a lot.

AURORA: Strangely I STILL like pickles.

UNNAMED GUARD: Speaking of witch.. Have any of Du ever tried pickles with erdnuss butter?


UNNAMED GUARD: Well don't.. It's disgusting.

Awkward silence.

Suddenly they came to a stop, and three Friends were forced out of the carriage and followed a large group of OTHER test failures, into a mysterious building.


SCOTALOO: This place... the architecture... it's all so familiar... I think we're in the weather factory!

ORION: That can't be right. We were traveling for way too long. We've got to be far away from Equestria now, not to mention the city.

AURORA: Actually, Scootaloo may be right... I noticed... it was maybe the same amount of time from when we left the coliseum to the place the carriage drivers swapped, that it was from the swap place to here. But... I don't know. I'm confused. Maybe that's just a coincidence.

SCOTALOO: Ya... Coincidence... Maybe.

DOCTOR ATMOSPHERE *revealing himself*: Welcome, mules... Du degenerates are probably wondering where exactly Du are. Stupid fillies. You're in Cloudsdale! The regenbogen Facility, to be correct.

SCOTALOO: What's going on here? Do Du expect to use us as slaves? Because I'd rather be deported, thanks,

DOCTOR ATMOSPHERE: Like Du failures have a choice. You'll be here for the rest of your lives! Oh, I'm sorry, where are my manners? I am Dr. Atmosphere. My degree isn't a medical one, I shall reassure you, in case you're picturing some dreadful surgery going on behind the scenes. Strange how so many worthless pegasi get that idea. No, no, my degree is in engineering. I'm one of the Forecolts in this facility. I'm sure you've all had the tour of the lower factory, no?

SCOTALOO: What lower factory? *gets tazed Von Factory worker standing behind her, making the poor thing cry in agony*

ORION: Hey! Du can't jus- *gets tazered* AHH Du MOTHERFU- *Gets tazed once again, at this point he was near tears, as Scotaloo helped him up*.

DOCTOR ATMOSPHERE: In any case. *opens door* enter this room.

DOCTOR ATMOSPHERE: Quickly now! Quickly now! Before Mehr 'encouragement' is needed.

The three frightenedly walk in

DOCTOR ATMOSPHERE: Enjoy the rest of your pityful lives! *slams door*


The three all turned, and looked at the big room they had been lead too. It was fairly open and empty, almost like an theater room. At one end of the room, there were six square vats, each one nearly full with individual Spectra. Above them was a peculiar looking machine. From a central stack, six hoses broke off and lead above each of the individual vats. At the oben, nach oben of the stack was a single opening, red with rust despite the rest of the machine to be shiny and clean. Even further above that was a fairly complex looking object, with chains and gears hanging off of beams and pipes loosely. Running even higher than the whole machine was a length of scaffolding, with doors on either side leading out of the room. Down on the floor, a small collection of defeated, crying ponies sat, chatting quietly.

SCOOTALOO: Those Suits there, those are from that other flight school across town.

ORION: *Sadly* So... this is where all the failures go? Not deported, but forced to work forever?

Scootaloo placed a comforting hoof onto his shoulder.

SCOOTALOO: At least we don't have to go through it alone

Suddenly, there was a commotion in the group of ex-students. One pony from an unidentified school took off, headed towards one of the doors on the scaffolding. Immediately, two suited ponies launched at record speed and both clipped the fly-away with their tasers. The pony spasmed in air, and then dropped like a stone. With an audible crack as he landed, and a violent burst of twitching, all the other ponies walked back, staring horrified at their friend. They watched, hopefully, for a long time. He didn't move. Some cried softly, most others turned away, too far confused to feel any Mehr emotions.

AURORA: Guess that opinion is out.

MASKED WORKER: Von now, you've all clearly determined that Du are not going into exile. There is no deportation. There never was. Du are in The Factory. Du will never leave The Factory. And while Du may be called useless, that's also not entirely true. You're worthless to The Flock as a Pony. But Du still have purpose.. Purpose to all the ponies in this land, far and wide. Du get to help us make rainbows! Beautiful, magical rainbows, doesn't that excite you?

ORION: Making rainbows. That's not so bad.

MASKED WORKER: Du ARE the rainbows!

ORION: Wow.. That's so sweet of you.

All the scared ponies, brighten up for the moment, thinking this was just a compliment.

MASKED WORKER: NO! This isn't a compliment! It means your all going to DIE!

All the ponies instantly get scared again.


MASKED WORKER: I'll explain... A thousand years ago, when Celestia banished Luna from Equestria and sent her to the moon, she was charged with three tasks. She originally was in charge of raising the sun, and showering the land with rainbows. But, with the moon being an additional task, she had to hand down the responsibility of rainbows. Celestia entrusted the Pegasi of Cloudsdale to make the rainbows for her from them on. For the first dozen years, we were gegeben powerful Einhörner to help create Spectra. Spectra is pure pigment, pure color. Everything is full of Spectra, but Du can't just harvest it. Du can never separate color from an object. So it was made artificially with magic... That is, until our oben, nach oben engineers made a breakthrough. They discovered an ingenious way to extract pigment, and it was so beautiful even a simple machine could do it. But it couldn't be done with just anything. The conditions had to be right.

rosa PONY: What did those horrible ponies do!?

The masked worker removes the mask, revealing, to everyone's shock, to be regenbogen Dash.

All the ponies began whispering to each other, saying 'is that regenbogen Dash?' and stuff like that, to each other.

SCOTALOO: Dashie!?


RAINBOW: It had to be live ponies! Only in ponies, where magic and Spectra ran freely together!" regenbogen Dash threw her head back and laughed maniacally. "Only then could the Spectra be separated! And it was such a beautiful idea, such a wonderfully horrible idea. It worked so well; we could create exponentially Mehr rainbows, of better quality with real Spectra. And it finally gave us a way to prevent Cloudsdale from being tainted Von all those horrible pegasus which couldn't fly! Ahahahah! *begins laughing uncontrollably*

Scootaloo couldn't take it anymore.


regenbogen stopped her laughter and looked at the angry Pegasus.

SCOOTALOO: I can't believe after all these years, your just going to let me fuckin die! *tearing up* I thought I was your little Scoot!?

RAINBOW: Du WERE my little Scoot.. I DID Liebe you... I tried so hard for you! I taught Du everything I knew, in hopes Du would pass your test! Du had it in you, kid! I knew... I knew what they did here. Ever since I performed that Sonic Rainboom, and they approached me. I promised them to help the tradition of turning ponies into rainbows.


RAINBOW: Something like that.


regenbogen Dash flies into the factory after being hired for the job.

OLD MANAGER: Alright ma'am. I'm leaving everything to you.

RAINBOW: Alright. I'll turn worthless test failures into rainbows, like in tradition.

OLD MANGER: NO! We don't do that anymore... Seriously. Du can't turn them into rainbows.

RAINBOW: *as if feeling challanged* FUCK Du I CAN'T TURN THEM INTO RAINBOWS!


RAINBOW: But in any case.I tried, alright! It was up to Du to save yourself! Du didn't just fail yourself. Du didn't just fail Cloudsdale. Du failed me! And that's the worst thing Du could have done. Du aren't just dead to Cloudsdale, now. *screaming* You're dead to me! I FUCKIN HATE YOU! *punches Scootaloo in the face, in anger, and Aurora and Orion catch her, as she tries as hard as she can not to burst into tears in front of everyone*

Seeing the hit, and harshness of Rainbow's words, made everyone gasp, mostly in sorrow for Scootaloo.


Scootaloo finally breaks down.

SCOOTALOO: I.. I can't believe it! regenbogen Dash is going to kill me.. ME! Her little Scoot!

ORION: Well what do Du expect from Ashleigh Ball

RAINBOW: What did Du say!

ORION: I'm sorry. I was just never a Fan of her..

RAINBOW: Screw you!.. Guards!.. Him first!

ORION: WHAT!? *being dragged to and strapped onto the pegasus device* It was just a comment. Can't a man have an opinion!?

RAINBOW: Get ready to die!

ORION: Oh I Liebe that song.

RAINBOW: Don't we all. *turns on Pegasus device*

Orion began feeling intense pain all over, making him give high pitched female screams.

RAINBOW: *too other ponies watching in horror* We find it works best when the ribs are broken

The divice began painfully smashing Orion's ribcages.

ORION: I'm not saying I LIKE pain! But I'm saying I DON'T either!

Scootaloo watched in horror, with her orange hooves over her shocked mouth.

RAINBOW: *off view* Mehr power!

Orion containues screaming the whole way through.

AURORA: *Approaches Scootaloo who still had her hooves covering mough* I'm sure this is just a big prank. And that Orion is just playing along and is still in one piece.


For a unknown reason, Orion suddenly exploded and blood splattered all over, certain amounts landing on Scootaloo who screamed horribly at the sight.

AURORA: oder pieces.


AURORA: Well we always agreed he had a 'broken personality' *nervous laugh*

Scootaloo contained crying.

SCOOTALOO: We're all going to die! Just like Orion!

AURORA: No were not.. I gotta plan. (whispers something to Scootaloo).

SCOOTALOO: Are Du sure it'll work?

AURORA: Yes. It's just like the test.. Clear, fly, fall, complete

SCOOTALOO: But we failed that test!

AURORA: Well it's worth a try anyway.

SCOOTALOO: *repeats loud enough so the rest of the frightened victims could follow along with the plan* Clear! Fly! Fall! Complete!

BOTH: One.. two.. THREE!

A collective shout reverberated around the room, as every filly that could actually fly took off. The suited ponies gasped and fell back, unsure of where to go. There was too much confusion. A few of the faster thinking ones took off as well, tasers at the ready, aiming at the closest pegasus they could take.


FACTORY WORKER: What dose it look like were doing ma'am!

AURORA: Oh god, what do we do now!?

SCOOTALOO: We're still on clear.

Aurora followed her, focusing the brunt of her blows on the part of the Wand where the latch would be. regenbogen Dash, on the other side of the scaffolding, recovered from her initial shock of the rebellion, and noticed Scootaloo pounding on the door.

She started to gallop towards the fillies, forgetting her wings momentarily. Scootaloo closed her eyes, pounding harder and harder on the door. It started to creak and splinter. Any Sekunde now, she thought, regenbogen Dash will get here. It's over. I'm doomed. She would have cried, but there were no Mehr tears left. But nothing came. The door started to teilt, split from its frame, now, leaning inward. It wouldn't be long until it was open. She opened her clenched eyes, peeking up at the scaffolding. All the remaining ponies were there, pressing together, holding the enraged blue Pegasus and her cronies back.


They wouldn't last long, however- even as Scootaloo watched, twitching and yelping ponies were falling to the floor below, some even landing in the great maw of the Spectra machine. The rosa pony from Levitating Acres was there, and she turned to Scootaloo and Aurora, just as the door blew back into the hall behind.

rosa PONY: Fly!

She opened her mouth to speak again, but was cut short as the pile of Pegasus blew apart, with regenbogen Dash standing enraged in the opening. She was on her two back hooves, her front two rolling in the air. A small gash down her side leaked red and her multicolored mane was torn in a patch. An unearthly howl passed her lips, and her rose eyes were drained of any sanity that was left.

SCOOTALOO: Come on Aurora! We got to get the hell outta here!

AURORA: No.. I'll slow Dash down.. Du go, Scootaloo. Tell everyone what happens here. Let them know.


AURORA: *hugs Scootaloo* Good bye.. Friend.. I barely knew ya.

SCOOTALOO: *hugging back, enjoying the brief but happy moment* Goodbye Aurura. I Liebe you.

AURORA: Don't gay it up *they both chuckle, best they could*

regenbogen Dash, still enraged, started towards them.


Scootaloo soon escaped. But as for Aurora, she was tackled Von the crazed regenbogen Dash.

RAINBOW: How cute. Du think that you, a useless, broken pile of manure could possible stand in my way? Du really make me laugh! None of Du can compete with the awesome power I have! *laughs* Swag!

AURORA: Liebe could concur all evil's of the world..

RAINBOW: Well than bitch! Lets see Liebe concur THIS!

With that regenbogen Dash violantly ripped off one of Aurora's wings, as she screamed horribly.

RAINBOW: Hurts! Don't it!

Aurora, still stood bravely, not giving the twisted mare the pleasure.

regenbogen grabbed her other wing, and dragged her kicking and moaning down to the center of the scaffolding. She lifted Aurora up Von the wing, laughing quietly to herself as the look of intense agony appeared on Aurora's face. regenbogen Dash took to the air, bringing the squirming yellow and green pony with her, over oben, nach oben of the machine. With a squeak of evil laughter, she jerked at the wing in her hoof. It, too, disconnected from the now convulsing pegasus, and Aurora fell.

She landed head first. The door on the scaffolding closed with agust of wind, just as the machine began pumping out the brightest greens and yellows it had ever produced. And there was no one around to see it.

Scootaloo was still trying to escape, as fast as her wings could take her.

RAINBOW: *charging after her* Heeeeerrre's DASH!

Scootaloo, now even Mehr scared, went even faster, but eventually she got stuck on the roof of the factory.

RAINBOW: Du moron, never had much of a since of direction did ya!?

regenbogen kicked the poor girl back into the theater, and a bunch of factory workers stapped her against the pegasus device, but left the 'honors' the regenbogen Dash.

RAINBOW: Too bad it had to end this way kid. We could of been partners Du and I, owning the factory. As sisters...
Y,know. It doesn't have to be as sisters, it can be just as, Du know, as two really close ponies who just happen to be both mare's. Du know, just, two good-looking mare's sharing a cramped office running the factory together, Du know. It's not like we get payed though, most don't even know this places exists, and the rest of the money gose to keeping those driver quite about it all. But it's okay. We're just there. Like in temblr, Just there, just working the factory together, just, just trying to get the job done y,know? Maybe we, maybe we 'do it' occasionally but it's not weird, it's not like we would have anyone else to 'do it' with, most of them would always be dead. So their would be only be one way settle our 'needs', Du know? Cause we're just, two mares with raging goals Du know? I mean it's not even about the 'doing it' part, but that's a part of it, but it's not-it's not the whole thing.

SCOOTALOO: NO! I'd rather die!

RAINBOW: Well. That could be arranged. *flys over to the device's switch* Any last words Du miserable little whore of a foal!?

SCOOTALOO: I should probably say that I find your eyes pretty.. But I don't. I really, really, don't.

RAINBOW: Ummm.. Okay. *pulls switch*
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So I recently saw this dark comedy movie.
It seemed like it would be interesting.
And. In the end.
It WAS interesting..

Billy Thornton plays Willy. An foul mouthed, alcoholic, theif, who every Jahr he dresses up as the famish father Christmas, and his midget pal Marcus dresses up as an elf. And when the store closes, they secretly stay behind, snd rob the place blind.

Willy, ironic of his fake job, hates kids and everything about them, and openly insults them as they sit on "santa's" lap.

Though. There was one kid who ends up being different.
An overweight, mentally retarded kid.

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