Buffy – Im Bann der Dämonen I which episode would Du like to be the star? And why?

Pick one:
The witch ( I want to be a cheerleader)
Angel – Jäger der Finsternis – Jäger der Finsternis (to KISS Angel)
Becoming ( I hate Angel, I want to kill him9
Homecoming(I want to be a beauty queen)
The Wish (I will like to change the worlg)
Earshot ( it will be nice to hear the people's thoughts)
The Prom ( Married with Angel, and dance with him)
bahre, bier Bad ( I Liebe the beer, jeje)
Somethin Blue (Married with Spike, oh Yeah!!)
Somethin Blue (Married with Spike, oh Yeah!!)
Who Are Du (I want change body with Faith)
Superstar( I always want to be a star)
Buffy vs. Dracula ( I Liebe Dracula)
The Replacement( two me?, awesome)
Once Mehr with feeling ( I Liebe singing)
Smashed( Du know why, ,jeje)
Doblemeat palace( I always want to work in a fast Essen restaurant)
Conversation with dead people ( I like to see a relative of friend who died)
Bad Girl( I am a bad girl)
Chosen ( I want save the world)
Other (say which)
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