Buffy – Im Bann der Dämonen Best Songs Played On Buffy

deathtokennedy posted on May 11, 2011 at 02:51AM
Buffy had amazzzzzzzzing songs, and one of my favorites was by ks choice called virgin state of mind. heres the link!

its prettty cool and its from the episode doplegangland when vamp willow is walkin in the bronze. one of the best episodes ever. Whats your favorite song from buffy and what ep was it?
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Vor mehr als einem Jahr TitanicLeoKate said…
I liked Blue. i dont know who it was by, or wot ep it was from, but i thought it was really nice! :)
Vor mehr als einem Jahr deathtokennedy said…
big smile
idk what ep its from either but i think its by angie hart. And thats a great one too!
Vor mehr als einem Jahr Liizzzyy said…
Full of Grace by Sarah McLachlan.
It's a beautiful song. Makes me cry. It was in the last episode of season 2. Right at the end.
Vor mehr als einem Jahr Piu95 said…
^The same as Liizzzyy, this song was so powerful and always makes me cry and with the scene it's just EPIC :)
Vor mehr als einem Jahr deathtokennedy said…
oh and stupid thing by nickel(not to be confused with the shitfest "nickelback") is prettty awesome, i probably wouldnt have liked it all that much if it werent in an awesome scene haha


sound familiar? it should!