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SCREAM and i will ask why?
Put him into Fridge and Freeze...
Die Fanauswahl: The Chaos should be The Genesis
Die Fanauswahl: i like all of them but gazel hair is the best ^^
Die Fanauswahl: Boy
Die Fanauswahl: All of them
All of them
Because he&# 39; s cute
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4 Fans Hat diese Frage beantwortet
4 Fans Hat diese Frage beantwortet
3 Fans Hat diese Frage beantwortet
4 Fans Hat diese Frage beantwortet
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hitsugaya2 sagte …
i laughed so hard that i actually tried to make impossible thing into impossible thing XD
i always had crazy ideas like when i start a contest the prize was 100 Requisiten and i did gave it
and then i made the prize into 200 Requisiten XD i also did it and i tried to make it 500 Requisiten but it failed
the most craziest thing i ever had was i tried to make a Umfrage which has 100+ Antwort =))
the Umfrage Frage was "who is your Favorit defender in IE?" and then the answer had all the defenders from IE gepostet Vor mehr als einem Jahr
hitsugaya2 Kommentiert…
to make this Umfrage i re-watched IE again and also used wiki and spent almost for 2 weeks XD but it always ended up with fail 'cuz my internet always disconnects when it becomes 70+ oder 50 oder 60+ =)) Vor mehr als einem Jahr
Kazemaru_Swift Kommentiert…
Well Du never know what crazy idea Du might get when Du really want to do something crazy ^^ (sorry for that) i'm just really crazy like that ^^" Vor mehr als einem Jahr
hitsugaya2 sagte …
i am so going to kill myself =.="
that this club is 100% DEAD!!!!!!!
someone pleas kill with shotgun XD
don't want to live on this planet again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! >.< gepostet Vor mehr als einem Jahr
Kazemaru_Swift Kommentiert…
i still Liebe coming here even if it is kinda dead,no one comes online...( i've sagte this in almost every club XD sorry ) Vor mehr als einem Jahr
big smile
hitsugaya2 sagte …
i re-looked at all the Umfrage , quizs,...etc and i realized that this club was pretty active!!! i want it to be active , again!!!!!!

ooooooookaaaaaaaaaaay~ >.<
here i go! will collect members in this club and make it active , again :) gepostet Vor mehr als einem Jahr