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Du probably forgot about this.
Well, I am bored and sick, so here it is.
Oh & it seems kinda morbid at times but thats just because I'm a rather dark person.

Peyton was sitting in her car feeling like shit.
"Dude. Where's my baby?"
She looked around and the car and then found the baby in the handschuh compartment.
"Oh, there Du are."
So she took her out of the handschuh compartment and when she realized she wasn't breathing she hit him with a hammer and she died.
She chucked the baby out the window.
"Well now I'm bored."
So she sat in her car and then magically found in her lap...
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These are Zitate i found that really screamed Brucas to me but also scream pucas :)

Q1-There would be no passion in this world if we never had to fight for what we love. I saw passion and BL popped up into my mind... They fighted for one another and had passion which proves they loved one another. This quote basically says what part of BL is.

Q2-You know its Liebe when all Du want is that person to be happy, even if you're not part of their happiness.Now this is no way part of Pucas because Peyton didn't want that she hated seeing Lucas happy with Lindsey, they say she 'scarficed" her Liebe for...
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 Brulian oder Brucas?
Brulian or Brucas?
Ok guys this is the Sekunde part! This is all the Brulian stuff!

Now on to the Brulian scenes of the Brucas reunion foreshadowing. I have to tell Du my inner Brucas Fan girl squeed with joy when I watched their scenes. I mean don't get me wrong I Liebe Julian and I was heartbroken for him when Brooke didn't say I Liebe Du back, but Brucas will always be #1 in my herz and some sweet
confession from a boy who is clearly in Liebe with Brooke Davis is not going to change that.

2)The Brulian scene

"So then the last time Du were in I get it."
"Look I'm sorry if it's weird for you"
"Do you...
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I know a lot of Du Liebe leyton for some reason but I never was a leyton fan, for so many reasons but the main/big reason is it’s FAKE don’t hate me because it’s a fact, here’s how it’s fake: Lucas had always had a “thing” for Peyton but it was from a distant he never actually talked to her oder knew her interest oder anything about her. Neither did she Peyton in a later season says the first time she saw him she fell for him (where that come from she has been seeing him her whole life they were in the same school since they were kids, so when exactly did she fell for him???).

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He made her love, fall in love, believe she is able to be loved. He Liebe that she was independent, smart, caring and had the biggest heart. He saw for who she is, broke down her walls and brought out a person no one ever saw before. And like every relationship, the truth is he had a lot to learn, had a lot to understand, had a lot to give up, and we all know he was to late, to see what was right in front of him. To him I always thought that he thought he wasn't good enough for someone so un-perfect but so perfect, someone with a herz likes hers.
And they weren't epic like a fairy-tail, or...
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