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So, along with that beautiful story I have a couple things that help to string me along in my Brucas delirium…I hope they can be of some help to all of you...feel free to add to the Liste in the comments...

1. Why would they make a point to emphasize, "a KISS ALWAYS means something" and then have Brucas KISS in NYC?
2. Why would they make a point to emphasize "You (Lucas's flavor of the are who I want standing Weiter to me when all my dreams come true" when Peyton has NOT ONCE been there Von Luke's side when they did come true, but Brooke has been there, yes, BOTH times (i.e. state championship,...
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I can't say that my faith in a Brucas reunion is strong right now, oder even the faith of the Brucas camp in general, but I think what makes this group special is the HOPE for that reunion, however slight it may be, that we all keep alive in our own ways. We are all dedicated to not accepting Lucas's true happiness as being with any other woman but Brooke. That is what keeps up my spirits, when it all comes down to it, deep down I know that NO ONE other than Brucas has the "look". Du know that feeling that Du had watching the first time Brooke and Lucas truly saw each other for who they really...
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