..and I probably always will.
I was on OTHforums when someone asked about the Brucas break up and I realized I've got so much to say about it.

Brooke on Peyton.

If I remember it correctly:
1] Peyton told Brooke about her feelings for Lucas
2] Brooke found out about the bibliothek kiss

Peyton telling Brooke about her feelings has a big effect on the Brucas break up. Brooke could have forgiven the bibliothek kiss, she could've chosen to believe that it was innocent, but Du cannot do that if Du know that Peyton has feelings for Lucas. I know in the Leyton timeline it isn't like that, but in Brooke's it was. Anyone in Brooke's place would doubt Peyton's real intentions. Did she KISS Lucas because she loves him oder because she thought she was dying? How long has Peyton been keeping this from her? Was she hanging out with him because she likes him? Moreover, this totally contradicted Peyton telling Brooke that she wouldn't do anything about her feelings. That's why Brooke was so upset, because she wanna believe Peyton but the circumstances won't let her.

Brooke on Lucas.

They were in love, they were happy, they were getting stronger, they were trusting each other and they were letting each other in. They were starting to talk about life, about simple things that meant something. They were finally comfortable with each other. Lucas wants to take Brooke's insecurities away without sacrificing his friendship with Peyton. There's nothing wrong with that. I'm glad Brooke didn't make him choose. All these are reasons why I think Brooke's speech while they were having a fight was a bunch of bullcrap. I know she was hurting but I don't think those were the main reasons.

The break up.

The break up never made sense to me, up until now. And if Du watched 401 right after Du watch 322, you'd feel like it didn't connect. Du would wonder if it was the same Zeigen Du were watching, if Du know what I mean. I really thought they were gonna work things out, as Brooke said, she's not mad. There are so many things that didn't made sense to me, like why didn't Brooke/Peyton told Lucas about the confession? And the whole "why won't Du let me all the way in?" line, I think she has no right to say that when she herself kept secrets from Lucas. Why is Peyton CONSTANTLY with Lucas? She knows very well that Brooke would be so insecure, yet she was always with him. And how did an "Oh.." turned into "It's you.. blah blah blah"?

That's when the Zeigen went downhill for me. It feels like the writers didn't know the characters very well to make stories that would flow from one storyline to another. They made Peyton an insensitive hündin who would apologize to Brooke and then hang out with Lucas and feed on Brooke's insecurities and anger afterwards. They wrote Lucas as some guy who can change his mind in an instant. Tell me exactly, when this moment of clarity exactly happened? When Peyton confessed? Was it something like, "Brooke broke up with me and wouldn't wanna get back with me but Peyton loves me so might as well go with blondie!" oder he saw Peyton at the championship game and realized that hair with some confetti stuck on it is so much better? How do Du conclude that Du made a mistake in thinking that Du are not the guy for Brooke? It led me to thinking that Lucas ALWAYS wants the easy way out and that's when Peyton comes in.

Alrighty, I should stop before things get out of topic. lol.
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