Because their Liebe doesn't really need words.
1.)Because sometimes people write what they can't say

2.)Because they have such an amazing connection together weather they are dating oder just Friends it is still their.

3.)Because i can't deny destiny... oder destiny shots.

4.)Because of their story (just absolutely incredibly amazing!)

5.)Because it was Brooke who he truly wanted standing Weiter to him when all his dreams came true; And Brooke was there BOTH times!

6.)Because Lucas gave two embarrassing speeches in his life and they were both with Brooke.

7.)Because B.Davis . Queen Of Hearts , hello ?

8.)Because when Brooke told him "I Liebe you" he didn't say "OH" .

9.)Because the word Liebe is misused now a days, but not with BL, they bring Liebe to a whole new level.

10.)Because their Liebe doesn't really need words.

11.)Because she's the one, he feels it.

12.)Because Lucas used the word Liebe when referring to Brooke in EVERY season.

13.)Because 'Lucas + Brooke Forever'. HIS WORDS, not just ours.

14.)Because he is Broody and she is Cheery! And they complete each other!!

15.)Because she never gave a ratsass before but she does now.

16.)Because she is the biggest part of his world .

17.)Because there were 82 letters in that box and that's how she spent her summer, wanting him.

18.)Because Brooke loves him enough to let go, even though it broke her herz to do so.

19.)Because he didn't mind if she stayed (TWICE)
{108, 515}

20.)Because he forgave her , even when it was too much to forgive .

21.)Because they promised to rescue each other, and in S5 they did rescue each other. Brooke was there to pick up the pieces after Lindsay left, and Lucas was there to support Brooke throughout everything with Angie.

22.)Because his herz is with her.

23.)Because Brooke played hard to get to know how much Lucas cared. - and he cared ALOT!

24.)Because their Liebe is true and unconditional.

25.)Because sacrificial Liebe is the strongest.