I found this series of Artikel on livejournal written Von Nutzername : Magicalthree's They are Great, and all about brucas!! This one I enjoyed esspecially so I am now posting it on here to share with all Du Brucas fans! I ASSUME NO RIGHTS FOR THIS Artikel AND IT IS NOT MY WORK I AM JUST SIMPLY POSTING THIS TO SHARE!! ALL RIGHTS AND Quelle GO TO LIVEJOURNAL USER MAGICALTHREE'S


I think Brooke's red door is significant in their relationship because it marked the beginning of Lucas Wird angezeigt his feelings for Brooke. This happens I think in Season 2? Brooke finds out she's moving and she says that she's going to miss being the girl behind the red door. And then Lucas does the CUTEST thing ever for her. He gives her his room and paints his door red. I never believed that Lucas was good at saying how he feels rather than just doing. Ya know what I mean? So this, to me, was like his way of Wird angezeigt that he wants his Sekunde chance with Brooke and he wants it enough to give up his sanctuary (the place where he writes mostly which is a big part of his character). Another big thing is that he's also going to miss the girl behind the red door. So they want the same thing (on the same page for once lol).

Brucas Reason 6 & 7 are "Only Him" and "Only Her." Well I know there are tons and tons and tons of these reasons. Like reasons where Lucas only something Brooke and Brooke only something Lucas. It took me a while to choose 1 for each. I think the most important "Only her" moment from Lucas is when he tells her that he loves her in the opening episode of Season 6. The episode shows Lucas with each one of the girls (Peyton, Lindsey, and Brooke) and their "future." Lucas only says "I Liebe you" to Brooke. So maybe it's some symbolism that Lucas really only loves Brooke. WHO KNOWS THOUGH RIGHT? lol. Now for the best "Only Him" moment. I think it's in season 5 where Brooke tells Lucas the real reason why she came back to baum Hill. Now I know some people might say that a better "Only Him" moment is in season 1 where Brooke is at the spa with Peyton and she's getting her legs waxed. She tells Peyton that Lucas is different and that she only wants him. oder maybe another one is in season 3 when she only writes him all those letters. I think these are really good reasons, but they lack the inclusion of Lucas... as in Lucas wasn't at the spa and he wasn't there when she wrote the letters... he didn't witness it. So I chose the scene where its a flashback in season 5 in the episode where Lucas' wedding is happening. Its where Brooke tells Lucas the real reason why she came back. Although we don't REALLY know what she said... most people assume that its about starting a family (which REASON 5 incorporates lol). I think it's significant to Brucas because she told him the real reason she came back and if she didn't come back there would be no chance that they would get back together again. So I think her coming back to baum hügel is a sign that they have a chance of being together again. So I think that is important that she told him. Even though she probably told other people which kinda defeats the whole only him... she told him first and he was the only one that knew for a while so I say it still applies.

Brucas Reason #5 is "Baby." I've noticed that the couples that are MEANT TO BE take care of each other's families, specifically babies. Peyton helps Jake with Jenny, obviously Nathan and Haley help each other with Jamie, and Lucas helps Brooke with Angie. Not only do they help each other, but they Liebe helping each other. Examples..... give me a Sekunde to think... ok well there is a scene I think in season 3 where Peyton is sitting on the couch holding Jenny and Jake is sitting Weiter to her asleep. She pulls a blanket over him. This is a similar scene to season 5 with Lucas sitting on a couch holding Angie and Brooke is asleep Weiter to him AND he covers her with a blanket. Nathan and Haley I mean its obviously Jamie is always there and they are such a cute family. So this reason is basically... they want each other's babies/family.

I noticed that Lucas is never afraid to Zeigen Brooke a ring. The first couple of pictures is from the episode where Lucas steals the ring from Haley for Nathan because he wants to re-propose to Haley. He shows Brooke the ring and she freaks out. The Sekunde group of pictures is from an episode where Lucas is in New York and he shows her the ring he proposed to Peyton with. So my arguement is third times the charm =) All we need is one Mehr ring and it'll be hers.

This one is one of the most well known Brucas moments. And for some reason it's my favorite. Lucas was the first to introduce the whole "world" thing. He told Brooke she's going to change the world and later on Brooke tells Lucas he's going to change the world. And one Von one they both become successful. I mean Lucas with his book and Brooke with her company. However even though these are HUGE accomplishments for both of them, it's not changing the world. I feel like for all Brucas fans, it's them being together that is going to change the world. I always thought of it that way for some reason. So Reason #3 is because they're Liebe is going to change the world.

Rain. I feel like with every "meant to be" couple, they've had a rain scene. In Filme and tv shows focused around love, there is always a rain scene. And that's when the couples realize how much they belong together. So I like to believe that the producers of One baum hügel thought about this and if they did... it's HUGE symbolism. If there's a scene with Lucas and Peyton in the rain (i don't know if there is..) then I will think of another reason because then it would just refute my reason. Anyways let me know! Oh and everyone knows how Naley will always be together, no question. Nathan.. the first time they KISS in the rain, (the picture below is the Sekunde time), he mentions getting an pneumonia. Then when Brucas are out in the rain... lucas mentions it... hint hint =)

The Destiny Shot!!! She's the one. why? She just is. I feel it. Du know, Pascal says, "the herz has reasons that reason cannot know." Du say Brookes' the one, your soul mate. Well if that's the case call upon destiny oder providence oder whatever forces that are going to bring Du two together and make the shot blindfolded... This is ridiculous. Come on, it's your destiny Du can't miss. Brookes' the one, make the shot. What happened? It went in!!!